Drones #1

5 Overall Score
Art: 4/10
Dialogue: 6/10
Story: 5/10

Great story subject.

Not much in execution.

Drones #1

Written by: Chris Lewis
Art by: Bruno Oliveira
Published by: IDW


Well, it took two read-throughs, but I think I understand Drones now. The beginning really grasped me, but the section at the end threw me for a huge loop. Naturally, the idea of drone warfare has been around since weather balloons, but they are a prevalent hot topic today. Killing people using a flying robot is something that a supervillain would do, but now it’s commonplace. We get goods delivered to us in the US, while children of the Middle East fear drones for their deadliness. The policies of humanity and privacy are no where near discussed yet, and no one is anxious to start the conversation.

Drones is about two drone pilots who are apparently in love, and eventually are kidnapped by the end of the issue. Despite reading it twice, I’m not sure I caught the “hook’ of what this book is really about yet, unless it is just the pilots, and don’t really feel like there is a big appeal to jump back into the second issue. I re=read it just because such a great topic is waiting for good ideas, but none of them are explored here.

Artistically, I could have used more polish from Bruno Oliveira’s pencils. I’m not a fan of messy/sketch style illustration unless I am going to be treated to a new viewpoint on something, but the only visual elements that stand out in my mind are the various thermal images we were treated to.

Drones probably had a good treatment, but with a lack of a story hook, and the art style being sketchy, I’m not in a hurry to read issue 2.




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