Drunken Cat Comics Anniversary

8 Overall Score
Art: 7/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 9/10

A fun, new perspective in storytelling.

Slow paced.

Drunken Cat Comics Anniversary
The Drunken Cat
Story and Art by: Brian Canini
Satan’s High School Reunion
Story by: Derek Baxter and Brian Canini Art by: Brian Canini
Fall Back
Story and art by: Brian Canini
Big Metal Robots
Story by: Derek Baxter and Brian Canini
Art by: Brian Canini

One comic, three different stories, and a drunk pussycat . Follow a narrating drunken cat, a sinful Satan, a heartbroken time traveler, and some big metal robots on some adventurous tales. These tales jump from one story to another quite nicely with the inebriated feline in between each story explaining and telling you what is next on the agenda, and if you read with the different characters in mind you’ll almost hear as the intoxicated cat slurs his words and hiccups in between some sentences. This goofy cat is a strange creature indeed but id a very good addition to the comic.

Satan’s High School Reunion, now who can say that the devil was all bad? sure he shows a lot of sin like anger, gluttony, lying, well alright so he shows a lot of the sins that are common so maybe he wasn’t all that great, but in the short he seemed like a cool guy and it showed that in the beginning he wasn’t so bad of a guy and in the end it was shown that he was still a good, well I guess person, in the end. This story was very well written with a lot of good humor to a religious view that some people may or may not have in life.

Fall Back: A story about regret and reconnection. Ever been stuck on an old lover? well Brad has been stuck on his for well over 10 years now and wants to go back into time and try to have her back because he regrets letting her go. What would you do to get your high school love back? apparently his idea is to time travel back ten years and connect again. This story within itself is not as good as the first one was, the dialogue is short and the not really all that interesting, all in all this has got to be the down part in the whole booklet.

Big Metal Robots: Cliché town full of do gooders and it’s being attacked by a monster. Who would you call for help? Ghost Busters? A Super Hero? no, try more like robots that know how to kick some serious butt. They love spending time together and getting the good taste of justice with every kick and punch they give out. But in the end I guess everyone has to get a reality check at some point right?

The stories as a whole bring together a new perspective on what is in the mind of our authors, Though a tad bit slow at times I think this new release will do great and the readers will love to read it until the very last page.



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