Earth 2 #1

8 Overall Score
Story: 8/10
Art: 8/10
Creativity: 6/10

A fresh take and some interesting twists. This ain’t your daddy’s Earth 2!

Occasional awkward James Robinson dialogue that we’ve all been suffering from since his return to comics.


Earth 2 #1
James Robinson, Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott
DC Comics

I was pleasantly surprised by Earth Two. For a fanboy who has genuinely not enjoyed a single thing James Robinson has written since his return to comics (if you can find a fan of Cry For Justice or his Justice League of America run, you will also find a complete idiot), Earth Two wound up being really enjoyable and I’m curious to find out more about this parallel DC universe.

I’m going to get into some spoilers here, so go away if you aren’t down with some spoilery. Earth 2 starts off with The Apokoliptian War. It’s very similar to the first arc from the new Justice League, where they battled Parademons and Darkseid. In Earth Two, it’s Steppenwolf who is leading an army of Parademons, and they nearly win. SPOILER ALERT OH MY FUCKING GOD CLICK AWAY RIGHT NOW IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR SOUL!!!! Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all die in the war, while Supergirl (Power Girl) and Robin (Huntress) disappear into a boom tube and wind up in the World’s Finest book (also released this week).

We get treated to new version of Alan Scott and Jay Garrick in this issue as well, and this is where longtime JSA fans will probably get a brain hemorrhage. Instead of being old, Alan and Jay are both younger. Jay Garrick in particular is de-aged the most, as he is now a troubled post-college graduate with no direction or plan for the future. Not quite the Jay Garrick-Flash that we all knew and loved from back in the day.

Nicola Scott is at the top of her game as far as art goes. She still suffers from the problem of making everyone have the same face, but what a face it is. The art is very crisp and sharp. It literally jumps off the page while you’re reading it. Dare I say it, but if Jim Lee starts falling behind on Justice League, then Nicola Scott should get a call.

The story of Earth 2 isn’t without its faults. It’s written by James Robinson after all, and let’s face it…James Robinson 2012 is not the same James Robinson that wrote Starman and The Golden Age. Since his return, he’s written some absolutely awful comics. His dialogue has essentially destroyed what could be great stories, and unfortunately Earth 2 does suffer from a Robinson bad-dialogue-moment here and there. However, this is miles above the work he did on Cry for Justice and the pre-DCNu Justice League of America. This is an action-packed issue, and shows the real repercussions that could arise from the loss of the world’s greatest protectors.

Despite some gratuitous deaths and a radical upheaval of a long established character, I enjoyed the hell out of Earth 2. This isn’t your daddy’s Earth 2 (or your grand-daddy for that matter), but that’s what makes me enjoy it. We can always go hit the back-issue bins for classic JSA/Earth-2 stories. This is a new DC, and a new Earth 2. I dig it. Give it a whirl, especially if you’re not enjoying the current Justice League book as much as you want to. This may start a whole new “wave” for DC down the road. I for one am all for it!

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