Edge of Shadows

8.6 Overall Score
Characters: 9/10
Concept/Story: 9/10
Writing: 8/10

Storyline | Paranormal themes

Action is slow to start

Edge of Shadows

Cege Smith


Edge of Shadows is a paranormal mystery/thriller tale about a seemingly plain woman named Ellie who possesses hidden but quite powerful psychic abilities. Unfortunately, Ellie has been in an abusive and heartbreaking marriage for years but she had finally decided to leave her husband for good. Life seems to flourish for Ellie once she moves to a new town; she runs her own coffee shop, she’s made new friends, and possibly kindled a new romance with a handsome doctor. But the return of her ex-husband heralds the downfall of Ellie’s newfound happiness as she is asked to house-sit her friend’s mansion. Aside from her ex-husband’s reappearance, whispers and dark shadows creep during the night in the mansion. Nightmares plague Ellie’s sleep and try to warn her of an impending doom that she can’t even see. Not all is what it seems in this gripping tale of ghosts, love, and deceit.

This novel was a wonderful read, albeit there are some flaws. The storyline delivers well with suspense and mystery; albeit the action is a bit slow to start.  Readers will learn to connect with the diverse characters and laugh at the witty banter they have together. The paranormal themes are carefully thought out and planned which makes the storyline not seem too dramatic. Overall, this is a great novel that any paranormal/mystery fan should pick up!



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