Eerie #1

7 Overall Score
Artwork: 7/10
Story: 7/10
Creativity: 7/10

Great short science fiction/horror comics

One subpar story

I never read Creepy or Eerie magazines when I was a kid, instead going for reprints of EC’s Tales From the Crypt or The Vault of Horror. I was aware of Creepy and Eerie but didn’t spend my limited allowance on them (instead blowing that cash on X-Men titles, Dark Horse’s Aliens, Predator, and Terminator comics, or the old EC reprints when they appeared). I probably stuck with the EC books because HBO was broadcasting Tales From the Crypt regularly back then and when HBO “graced” us with free weekends I’d stay up watching them until collapsing from exhaustion.

Yesterday I picked up Eerie, a comic book sized version of the old book, released by Dark Horse. I really enjoyed it. Containing four science fiction/horror stories (three of which are really good), Eerie #1 is great. On the bus home I read the entire issue in about 20 minutes, upset it was so short.

After doing a small amount of research online I found out most of these stories are reprinted from the old Eerie’s, which were published between 1966 and ’83. My favorite, titled ‘A Robot For Your Thoughts’ by David Lapham (which is one of the only new stories), is about robots slowly taking over human civilization. Like the great science fiction of the ‘60s, Lapham uses technological paranoia (ala Philip K. Dick) beautifully, making the story’s protagonist an interesting study in fear and obsession. Other stories, like Bill Dubay’s ‘Life Species’ show what good science fiction can do, aside from exhibit people’s neuroses, by discussing the contemporary world via entertainment. Whereas the old EC books, especially Weird Science, always demonstrated a clear line between good and evil, where evil always received its comeuppance, this isn’t the case in Eerie. Hopefully Dark Horse will keep releasing Eerie in comic book form, adding new voices to the book in addition to reprinting old stories, because I’ll keep reading them.

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