Empire: Uprising #1

8 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 9/10

Flawless Return to Empire.

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Empire: Uprising #1

Written by: Mark Waid & Barry Kitson
Art by: Barry Kitson
Published by: IDW


I hadn’t read Empire since it came out, and frankly I thought Mark Waid got his dark side out when he wrote Irredeemable for BOOM!Studios. When Empire originally came out I was shocked at how dark it was, and how the guy who wrote epic runs on The Flash, JLA and wrote Kingdom Come had this sinister side.

Empire: Uprising picks right up, and thankfully, Waid delivers exposition through a classroom to get new readers up to speed, or dust off memories for those of us who read the first series a decade ago. A complete day of silence is proclaimed in memory of the Emperor’s fallen daughter. A rebel group attempts an assassination, and we see a crack in his impenetrable armor.

The art in Empire: Uprising  is exactly as it was in the first book, which was both comforting, but also a bit disappointing. There has been a decade of progress artistically, but the artwork still reflects the style of the time, which was heavy inking lines and a ton of black. Beyond a lack of innovative progress, the book looked damn good, and will easily blend in with the back issues of the original Empire Series in my long box.



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