Empty Zone #1

9 Overall Score
Art: 10/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 9/10

Original art | Interesting story

Reality shifts hard to follow

Empty Zone #1

Jason Shawn Alexander

Image Comics, Inc.


Empty Zone is a stunning sci-fi/horror story about Corinne, a mysterious woman with a bionic arm that is struggling with the demons from her past. Jason Shawn Alexander is known for his dark and unsettling art style, and it works perfectly with the gritty vibe of Empty Zone which in turn delivers an impactful comic story.

Set in the future, the story takes place in a decrepit version of Pittsburgh where most people can’t even see or feel the sun’s warmth because of the dense smog. The main character, Corinne, is toiling by day by day trying to drown her sorrows with booze and drugs. She has disturbing nightmares every night where people close to her die in horrifying ways. One night she hears someone outside her door, she chases the unknown figure to the roof of her tenement building, only to come face to face with an ominous cloud of ghouls! She then sees someone she knows, only he’s been dead for quite some time…after a sultry rendezvous from the man from her past, he turns into a decomposed corpse and attacks her. Corinne then wakes up from another nightmare…on the roof of her apartment building. Was all of that real? The cloud of ghosts? The man she used to love appearing to her? Unfortunately, Corinne has no time to ponder the questions of reality as she is late for a job working for a wealthy man who has his hands in all sorts of neural science experiments. At the end of the first issue, readers are shown a peek at what the wealthy man has cooked up in his labs, which shows scientists trying to insert consciousness into a corpse.

The artwork of this comic is very dark and disturbing, but it goes great with the horror feeling of the story. Also, all of the heavy colors add to the sense of how awful life is in the dystopian setting. The writing is very alluring and pulls readers in to the suspicion of the story, but there are a few points where readers might get confused as to what is real and what is not, as this story has a lot of shifts from reality. All in all, Empty Zone is a very original story and is a great experience for any horror or sci-fi fan!



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