Fantasy Crate Draft August 2015

10 Overall Score
Quality: 10/10
Value: 10/10
Variety: 10/10

6 packs of Magic Origins | Magic Origins deck box | Set of 36 dice | 2 life counter dice


Subscription Box Fantasy Crate Monthly Draft Crate

Theme “A Monthly Crate For Magic Players”

Price $24.95

Shipping $5 (US)

IMG_20150820_141540Fantasy Crate is a monthly Magic: The Gathering subscription service that comes in two varieties. The first option is the “Magic Crate” that includes at least 3 MTG packs plus other Magic-related collectibles. And there’s the “Draft Crate” which includes 6 packs MTG packs and a MTG gear item like sleeves, dice or a deck box.

Fantasy Crate arrived in a large well-padded envelope.

July’s Draft Crate included 2 packs of the newest Magic Origins expansion, 4 packs of Dragons of Tarkir and a 80 pack of matte sleeves.


IMG_20150820_142243Magic Origins Booster Packs

6 packs of the newest and final Magic the Gathering core set, Magic Origins. Thopter Spy Network was a great rare pull but the best was my first pack-opened Planeswalker, Liliana. Liliana is a flip card that starts as her Heretical Healer creature form and is flipped into Defiant Necromancer Planeswalker.


IMG_20150820_143143IMG_20150820_143329IMG_20150820_143504IMG_20150820_143647IMG_20150820_144012IMG_20150820_144144 IMG_20150820_145024

IMG_20150820_142053Magic Origins Deck Box

An official Ultra Pro Magic Origins deck box featuring Liliana in both her Heretical Healer and Defiant Necromancer forms. The lid locks and it includes a Liliana divider.

IMG_20150820_142126 IMG_20150820_142151

IMG_20150820_141917Chessex Dice Set

Large set of blue dice that’s small enough to work great as counters on cards.


IMG_20150820_141841Chessex D20 Dice

Also from Chessex are two 20-sided dice in red and blue. In Magic these are used as spindown life counters.





IMG_20150820_141730While both Fantasy Crate’s draft and magic crates are both awesome, I think this is the first time I preferred the draft crate. 6 packs of Origins, the Liliana deck box with fantastic art and a bunch of useful dice. Probably a bit biased since I also pulled the Liliana planeswalker from one of these packs.

If you’re a fan of Magic the Gathering you will be a fan of Fantasy Crate.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Fantasy Crate Monthly Draft Crate Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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