Fantasy Crate Magic Crate July 2015

10 Overall Score
Quality: 10/10
Value: 10/10
Variety: 10/10

Magic Origins Intro Deck with an additional Booster Pack | 3 Dragons of Tarkir Booster Packs | Ultra Pro Magic Origins Deck Box | $40 worth of new MTG product for $31 shipped


Subscription Box Fantasy Crate Monthly Magic Crate

Theme “A Monthly Crate For Magic Players”

Price $24.95

Shipping $6 (US)

IMG_20150722_204315Fantasy Crate is a monthly Magic: The Gathering subscription service that comes in two varieties. The first option is the “Magic Crate” that includes at least 3 MTG packs plus other Magic-related collectibles. And there’s the “Draft Crate” which includes 6 packs MTG packs and a MTG gear item like sleeves, dice or a deck box.

Fantasy Crate arrived in a large well-padded envelope.

May’s Magic Crate included 2 packs of Khans of Tarkir, 2 packs of Dragons of Tarkir, a deck box, token pad and a Dragons of Tarkir Intro Deck.


IMG_20150722_211652Dragons of Tarkir Booster Packs

3 booster packs from the Dragons of Tarkir expansion. One of my favorite sets considering the majority of my main deck (Green/White Counters) is from DoT along with Fate Reforged and Khans. Some great pulls including Dragonlord Silumgar (Mythic Rare), Icefall Regent (Rare), Thunderbreak Regent (Rare) and the crazy underrated Servant of the Scale (Common). There was also foils of Qal Sisma Behemoth (Uncommon) and a Swamp.



IMG_20150722_212344Magic Origins Booster Pack & Intro Pack

An intro deck and booster pack from Magic: The Gathering’s final core set, Magic Origins. The Intro Deck included is “Take to the Skies”, a blue/white combo that’s heavy on flying creatures. The deck includes two rares, Alhamerret High Arbiter and Soulblade Djinn. There’s also the rules card and a detailed fold-out double-sided poster that describes all of the intro packs and includes tips for improving them. The intro pack also includes 2 more boosters, it was a total of 3 packs of Origins I cracked open. Notable cards included Graveblade Marauder (Rare), Pia and Kiran Nalaar (Rare) and Kothoped, Soul Hoarder (Rare). There was also a pretty sweet Foil Fleshbag Marauder (Uncommon).



IMG_20150722_211357Magic Origins Deck Box

New Ultra Pro Deck Box featuring Nissa, Vastwood Seer before she became a planeswalker. The box has a different way of closing now, it’s hard to explain but i’m not a big fan. The whole front piece lifts and closes instead of just the lid.





Again it’s an awesome Magic Crate from the folks at Fantasy Crate. 3 packs of Dragons of Tarkir, 3 packs of Magic Origins AND a pre-made deck. To top that off they include a brand new Origins deck box. It’s a great value considering it’s $40 worth of MTG product for under $31 including shipping.

If you play Magic: The Gathering you need to check out Fantasy Crate’s Magic and Draft Crates.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Fantasy Crate Monthly Magic Crate Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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