Flaviar Whiskey Tasting Box: November 2015

9.4 Overall Score
Quality: 10/10
Value: 8/10
Variety: 10/10

Writer's Tears Irish | Amrut Indian Single Malt | Koval Single Barrel Millet | Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban | Santis Strength Peated

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IMG_20151127_025829The main goal of Flaviar is to give people the opportunity to try the high quality higher priced alcohols without having to pay the full price for a drink they might not even like. Flaviar sent us their Whiskey Tasting Flight which is 5 45 ml bottles of different whiskeys.

The tasting pack is open to regular and Prime members of Flaviar. The Prime Membership is $24.99 for 3 monthly curated spirits in 45 ml bottles. If you’re not a fan of the month’s prime selection you can swap it for a Tasting Pack, skip a month or get a bottle with free shipping. To guide your tasting journey, Flaviar has a app known as “Flavour Spiral” which helps pick out the notes in a particular beverage.

Flaviar arrived in a small but impressive ribbon-sealed box. A big larger than 2 large CD boxed sets taped together.



IMG_20151127_030224Writer’s Tears

This single malt Irish Whiskey has a very light taste with notes of honey and slight citrus. Quite possibly the smoothest tasting whiskey I’ve ever had.



This Indian Single Malt Whiskey has an interesting mix of a strong mint or menthol mixed with lighter notes of fruit.



This Chicago-based Single Barrel Millet Whiskey is made with you guessed it, Millet. Being the owner of a parrot myself, i’m pretty familiar with it’s use for bird food but not so much for whiskey. As a medium whiskey it’s got a slightly sweet caramel taste to it.


IMG_20151127_030205Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

With a taste as interesting as it’s name, this Portuguese whiskey has a very rich sweet flavor with notes of menthol and spice.



A Swiss-based Strength Peated whiskey is made from malt smoked in aged-beer barrels. It has a smokey taste with a light bitterness.


IMG_20151127_030408Tasting Instructions

To assist your tasting journey, Flaviar includes very detailed instructions.



IMG_20151127_030505IMG_20151127_030513 IMG_20151127_030521


IMG_20151127_030007Flaviar’s whiskey tasting flight included an impressive selection of some of the finest and most highly-rated whiskeys available. Excellent presentation with the display box and a surprising variety of flavors from different countries.

If you want an interesting way to taste high quality alcohols without having to pay the high prices for full-sized bottles, then check out Flaviar.


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Disclosure: A complimentary Flaviar Tasting Pack was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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