(Free Comic Book Day) Armor Hunters FCBD Special

8 Overall Score
Art: 9/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 7/10

A terrific sampler for some of the upcoming events in the Valiant U | Consistently great artwork throughout - most notably Diego Bernard's stuff on X-O Manowar | Some good peaks into Valiant's

Just when you begin to get into the story - BOOM - it's over. Though you can't beat the price, five pages of preview that just leave you wanting more is just a little cruel.

(Free Comic Book Day) Armor Hunters FCBD Special
Writers: Robert Venditti and Matt Kindt
Artists: Doug Braithwaite, Laura Martin, Diego Bernard, Alisson Rodrigues, Brian Reber, Stephen Segovia and Clayton Crain
Valiant Entertainment

The second of two FCBD offerings from Valiant that I managed to get my mitts on (the first, the 2014 Valiant Universe Handbook, is reviewed HERE), Armor Hunters FCBD Special is essentially a sampler of a few of the upcoming titles being released by the successfully resurging company.

First, we’re treated to a five-page sneak preview of Armor Hunters #1, a big event revolving around X-O Manowar featuring intergalactic cybernetically-enhanced aliens who have come to Earth with the desire to destroy the X-O suit. From what is shown, this looks to be a pretty action-packed beginning to the company’s big summer crossover event.

Staying with X-O, we next are taken through the first three pages of X-O Manowar #24. Aric of Dacia is on the moon battling a mean-looking sunufabitch named Malgam (who appears to be made up of an amalgam of material… get it?). Aric’s attempts at friendship and diplomacy are unsuccessful, to say the least.

Lastly, readers get a glimpse at the gorgeous opening pages of Rai #1 (which I reviewed last week HERE). I’ll wait here while you go read it, if you haven’t already done so.

Go on. It won’t take long.



In between the previews are brief articles, interviews and letters of intent pertinent to the company and its plans for the future. Aside from misspelling artist Diego Bernard’s name in the table of contents page, everything else comes across as highly professional, creatively inclined, earnest and positive. As a longtime fan who fell in love with these characters back in the ‘90s, it’s great to see them up to great stuff so long afterwards.




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