Freedom Japanese Market March 2015

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Quality: 9/10
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Huge bag of popcorn | Sweet Pretz | Fun DIY kit | Beef & pork flavored Umaibo | In depth visual guide | Origami whale is a nice touch


Subscription Box Freedom Japanese Market

Theme “Unique Japanese candies and snacks sent straight to your front door!”

Price $25

Shipping FREE (Worldwide)


Freedom Japanese Market is a online retailer specializing in you guessed it, Japanese items. They have their own subscription box that’s a monthly delivery of Japanese snacks and candies. Everything is shipped directly from and most of the items are exclusive to Japan.

The box is medium-sized and weighs about a pound.



Pretz are usually savory Pocky. Well, usually savory anyways. This flavor of Pretz was a light sugar glaze. Unlike Pocky it wasn’t super sweet.



IMG_20150401_104705Caramel Corn

Puffed caramel corn with a sweet peach flavor. Different from any caramel corn I’ve ever had and would also make a good cereal.




Gum-like chewable fruit candies.


IMG_20150401_105016Kaki Wasabi

Wasabi flavored peanuts and crackers.




IMG_20150401_105036Mini Bottle

Slightly sour lemon granules in a soda-shaped plastic bottle.




IMG_20150401_104608NeruNeru NeruNe!

The DIY kit where you mix the ingredients with water to make a goo then dip the goo into sour sugar crystals.




Two thick puffs, one in beef flavor and the other is pork.




IMG_20150401_104636Yuki no Yado

Slightly sweet thick rice cracker, similar to a rice cake.




IMG_20150401_104917Kuki Wakame

I was surprisingly not weirded out by this pickled seaweed snack.




IMG_20150401_104731Sono Manma Cola Gum

The Russian Roulette of gums. One of the 3 pieces is super sour while the other two taste like cola.


IMG_20150401_104513Rilakkuma Soft Sen

Lightly salted rice crackers.



Every month’s shipment includes a different origami. March’s is a Whale.







$25 for 10 full-size snacks including a huge bag of caramel corn and 3 small candies is a pretty awesome deal. The origami whale is a nice personal touch. I gotta say, I really like when the Japanese and other import boxes include the visual guide to let you know what you’re eating.

If you’re a fan of Japanese candy you have to check out Freedom Japanese Market. You can also send their boxes as gifts which is a pretty cool option.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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