Geek Pique Mystery Pouch August 2014

7.6 Overall Score
Quality: 7/10
Value: 6/10
Variety: 10/10

High quality decal | Interesting gadgets

Value is close to cost


Geek Pique Mystery Pouch August 2014

Subscription Box Geek Pique Mystery Pouch

Theme Geek Pique Mystique program. Monthly boxes delivered right to your door!

Price $9.97 / month (with discounts for 3 or 6 month subscriptions)

Shipping $4.97 US ($2.97 Canada)


Another geek-orientated subscription service, Canada-based Geek Pique offers two options. A larger mystery box and the smaller but cheaper mystery pouch (which i’m reviewing).

The packaging is a padded brown envelope (about the size of a comic book) and features their logo on the bottom corner. Let’s get to the unbox… unpouching!


IMG_20140825_110642Marvel Comic

One-shot comic book from 2009 dealing with the Ultimate Fantastic Four following the events of Ultimatum.

Retail: $3.99






IMG_20140825_111526Yoshi Laptop Decal

Large laptop decal featuring Nintendo’s Yoshi. Includes directions for application and a applicator piece.

Retail: $6.99



Mini Gadget Holding Pad

Small rubber pad with suction cups on both sides to hold a gadget into place.

Retail: $2.99


IMG_20140825_111150Wallet Lamp

Credit card sized lamp. Light turns on when you pop up the plastic center piece.

Retail: $3.99

IMG_20140825_111221 IMG_20140825_111116


An interesting mix of items including two gadgets I’ve never seen before (the pad and the lamp), there’s definitely variety in the pouch. The downside is with the value of the items pretty close to the cost of the pouch, it’s not the best value. But if you’re a compete and total subscription box addict and must get mystery items in the mail… Geek Pique’s mystery pouch or box is an option for you.


Disclosure: A complimentary Geek Pique Mystery Pouch was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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