Gingerclown 3D

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I couldn't ask for a better cast of actors.

Cliche, unoriginal, and put together sloppy. Has the potential to be a good movie.

Gingerclown 3D
Ashley Luke Lloyd, Brad Dourif, Erin Hayes,
Lance Henrikson, Michael Winslow, Sean Young
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I found the trailer for Gingerclown 3D a couple of years ago on Youtube. I’m a lover of B-Movies I was in awe at how cool the trailer for Gingerclown 3D is, and the cast is amazing. I almost fell over when I read the cast of this film.

Gingerclown 3D is filmed entirely in Budapest and only released there too. For whatever reason, it wasn’t released in America, which when I think about it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After watching Gingerclown 3D I have to say that I can’t really make sense of the film. Honestly the best part about it is the cast and some of the puppetry type monsters in the movie.

After watching the trailer a few times I began to look high and low for this movie. I was getting no hit’s at all, most of the information that I found on the net was either very uninformative or just lead me back to several sites which hosted the trailer.


Gingerclown 3D takes place in an abandoned theme park. Taking place in 1983 a group of high school jocks pick on a lonesome nerdy teen and trick him into staying a couple of hours in an abandoned theme park where supposedly many people have never returned from once they have entered it’s grounds.

The teen (Sam) is secretly in love with Jenny, who is apparently the prettiest girl in the entire high school, but she just happens to be dating the captain of the football team who just happens to be a total giant douche bag, oh and his name just happens to be Biff. How original..

While in passing one night on the way home he meets up with the clan of high school teen jocks and Sam is stopped by Biff and challenged to his manhood. Stay in the park for a few hours and get the girl, Biff acts as if he owns Jenny. Sam blindly in love with Jenny takes the bait and climbs the fence in to the abandoned theme park. Jenny having morals and at the time not in to Sam, climbs the fence to find him and ditch Biff.

Biff turns on the jock rage and goes after Jenny and decided to kick Sam’s ass for potentially, not yet, but eventually getting his girl. You see where this is going? Meanwhile Jenny finds Sam, finds out that nerds aren’t so bad as Sam actually has personality and smarts as to where Biff has neither.

Slowly the adventure churns out mildly interesting characters which all look as if they were part of the band Green Jell-O/Jelly. All of them seem to be afraid of the Gingerclown, a supernatural demon clown (Tim Curry), who is in control of the entire theme park. As the movie ventures forward we begin to meet up with the entire cast of creatures. Braineater which is voiced by Lance Henrikson, Michael Winslow the Stomachcrumble, Brad Dourif the Worm Creature, and Sean Young, Nelly the Spider Woman.

The thing is that all of the creatures look like they just weren’t taken seriously when put together for filming. Some of them look like they are wearing large trash bags with costume pieces sticking out. Gingerclown could barely move his hands because the fingers were so long, you could actually tell the most of the people in these costumes had trouble moving about, and I bet they were sweating profusely in them.

Supposedly Gingerclown is this super powerful demon clown and nobody has ever escaped his grasp, but somehow in the end Sam and Jenny just happen to defeat him, with a chain. No kidding, they chain him to one of the rides, not even a moving part of a ride that could take him swirling about off of his feet, but to one of the outside rafters that form the line area. Gingerclown is chained and beaten, and defeated.

After all the talk about what a bad ass Gingerclown is, he is taken down by two teens and a chain, so disappointing. Gingerclown is sort of like watching the movie Freakz, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and listening to a Butthole Surfers album, which would actually be great, but unfortunately Gingerclown doesn’t live up to any of that, but it could have.

The fact is that in the end Gingerclown is a terrible movie, but I think with a better plot and a little more effort it actually could have been a half decent film, it has the cast for it.




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