Godzilla #3

9.5 Overall Score
Story: 9/10
Art: 10/10

Non-stop action-packed story | 5 different giant monsters | Great writing | Narrative boxes keep things moving | Detailed art | Monsters look fantastic | Colors enhance art

Monsters lack personality | Restrained use of Godzilla | Boxer on cover doesn't match comic

 Part Three: This Time, It’s Personal

Boxer and his Monster Kill Crew are notching some impressive victories against the kaiju, but a battle with Battra almost puts the team down for the count. The Crew decides it’s time to upgrade their fire-power, but questionable methods lead to division in the ranks. With his sights set on Godzilla, Boxer will have to get his team in line—fast!

Story Duane Swierczynski

Art Simon Gane, Ronda Pattison

Cover Zach Howard, Matt Frank

Publisher IDW

Release Date July 25, 2012

Format FC, 32 Pages

Cover Price $3.99

Last month, Boxer finished putting his team of giant monster bounty hunters together. The team’s first target? Anguirus, who they were unable to take down by the end of the issue. The issue may have lacked Godzilla but the non-stop action made it a great read. With the team assembled and their mission set, it’s time for some crazy man vs. giant monster action!

The story begins where it left off, Boxer and his crew are in Scotland to take down Anguirus. Thanks to some distracting driving by Harrison, Claire manages to repair the headache beam while being chased by Anguirus. The cannon doesn’t physically harm the monsters but causes enough stress to be able to use it to push them to a desired target. That target? An extinct volacno under a Scottish castle. With Anguirus directed to the castle and Urv’s well placed explosives the team managed to kill the monster with a volcano. With the team successful in their first bounty they take to the media and give their demands. They want seven billion dollars per giant monster killed. The hunt doesn’t in this issue stop with Anguirus, they go after monsters in New Mexico, Brazil and South Korea. Those locations should be very familiar if you read the previous issues. One of the monsters manages to get away but the Monster Kill Crew are able to take down three. After finishing up in South Korea, Boxer wants to go after Godzilla who is currently attacking Missouri. Boxer has to put his revenge aside as the team agrees it makes more sense to go to the much closer Tokyo where an Amphibious Dinosaur is creating tidal waves. En route to Japan, the story ends with a giant monster giving the group a surprise attack.

Yet again Duane Swierczynski manages to tell a story without stopping any of the action. His use of narrative boxes continues to move things forward and recap without any filler pages. I don’t really mind that Godzilla again appears on only one panel, his restrained use makes sense for the story. It also helps that we got four different monster in this issue. Speaking of which, it would be kind of nice if the monsters were given a little more personality to help set them apart.

Simon Gane’s gritty yet cartoonish art continues to work extremely well for an over the top book like Godzilla. His style may not be for everyone but I love how he draws giant monsters (especially Godzilla). Highly detailed buildings and backgrounds, even with all the destruction. As far as the human characters go, Gane does facial expressions very well so plenty of emotions are even when there’s very little dialog. My favorite panel this issue is Godzilla attacking Missouri, it is simply perfect.

Ronda Pattison’s colors greatly enhance Gane’s art. Explosions and beams all add much needed color to the dark and gritty landscape. There’s a double page spread of a giant monster trapped in an electric net and it pops off the page because of the colors used for electricity.

Cover A with Boxer running from Anguirus is drawn by Zach Howard and colored by Nelson Daniel. Anguirus looks fantastic but Boxer looks nothing like he does in the comic. Cover B art is by Matt Frank and features Battra causing havoc with his prism beams. The retailer incentive cover features a powered up Godzilla in the rain and is drawn by Jeff Zornow.

Now that Boxer’s Monster Kill Crew has managed to actually take down daikaijus, it’ll be interesting to see how the series goes from here. With the way the book is setup at some point either Godzilla will be defeated or Boxer’s team will be killed. It’s just a matter of how many issues it takes to get to that ending. That being said, i’ll keep sticking around to find out. Don’t wait for 2014’s Godzilla reboot to get your fill of giant monster action. Add Godzilla to your pull lists!

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