Hoax Hunters #1

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It's a completed work? (I'm trying to be diplomatic)

I can’t remember which Image title I read a preview for Hoax Hunters in but I remember it looked pretty interesting. After reading the first issue this week I feel otherwise. Image Comics has cemented themselves as one of, if not the best comic book imprint going today, but just like every publishing house not everything is great. While I don’t believe Hoax Hunters is outright terrible it didn’t really have a great hook, delivering something powerful and impressive.

Hoax Hunters is about a television show (of the same name) where folklore and mysterious legends are hunted down and exposed—kind of like Mythbusters but with Bigfoot and other such things (plus, the cast of Hoax Hunters aren’t dweebs like the Mythbusters). However, instead of it being just an investigative tabloid, the cast and crew of Hoax Hunters actually know about genuine legends, keeping them a secret from the world at large. This reversal should make the comic interesting but it doesn’t. The characters are one-dimensional and the writing isn’t engaging. Authors Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley can write a story but it’s just not a story I find very interesting or compelling.

The artwork by Axel Medellin is your typical polished superhero artwork, reminding me of J. Scott Campbell (Gen 13, Danger Girl). I think it’s because the woman on the cover is reminiscent of Fairchild from Gen 13 (red hair, big breasts, and highly sexualized). I’m not discounting this kind of comic book artwork but it doesn’t really stand out from the crowd, as most mainstream comic books contain this style. At least it’s not derivative of Rob Liefeld.

(One a side note, I saw Liefeld’s cover for the new Youngblood and it’s the first time he’s ever drawn a proportionate character, who’s legs aren’t like two #2 pencils holding up an apartment building.)

I can’t discount the effort by Moreci, Seeley, and Medellin, as they created a comic book and one that people seem to enjoy. That in itself is an accomplishment and realistically, Hoax Hunters isn’t outright awful. It’s just not that interesting, at least by my standards, and is just another title working within the realm of the supernatural and mysterious, delivering a comic book with highly polished artwork. Maybe the series will improve if given the chance but the elements placed together in this inaugural issue just didn’t work for me.

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