Holy Fuck #1

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This book is shit.

Holy Fuck #1
Written by: Nick Marino
Drawn by: Daniel Arruda Massa
Published by: Action Lab Entertainment


Ready for a fourth-grade-styled review?

Parody (Par-o-dy) Noun – a literary or musical work in which the style of an author or work is closely imitated for comic effect or in ridicule

Travesty (tra-ves-ty) Noun –  something that is shocking, upsetting, or ridiculous because it is not what it is supposed to be

Holy Fuck isn’t a book that is remotely new, and it’s ideas aren’t all that new either. If you buy comics on a weekly basis, chances are you are up for an adventure, a pulp –styled good time, and would like a refreshing way to have someone challenge your imagination. Holy Fuck is none of those things. It’s a comic dredged up from the mind of a day-dreaming Catholic School kid, and if pretty much recycled storytelling at it’s best

The problem is that most of these books and stories that make endless fun of religion and its overtones start off as a parody of the bible, and quickly fall into travesty. While the humor of having Jesus be a pimp is a dichotomy of two divergent ideas and thus humorous, the actual story most people come away with is merely travesty. A far departure from smart storytelling and in the case of Holy Fuck, it’s also couple with mediocre art.

Whomever wrote and drew this didn’t submit a cover to the office of Florida Geek scene, so I’ll just generically add that if you aim to make fun of something like the Gods and world religion, do it properly, and model your story after Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Not only do they get the ideas of how to write, but they can also deliver the funny.



*NOTE: Cover added

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