Horror Block July 2014

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Fun bloody packaging | High quality Alien pins | Detailed Sally figure | Awesome Lost Boys shirt | Cute Sharknado vinyl | Great article on Phantom of the Paradise | Nice variety | Great value with over $55 worth of items


Horror Block July 2014

Subscription Box Horror Block

Theme “The Pop Horror Subscription Box!”

Price $19.99 / month (additional cost for larger shirt sizes)

Shipping $9.50 US / $8.75 Canada

While I may be new to the subscription box craze, I recently reviewed the Nerd Box Classic. The same folks behind the Canada-based Nerd Block were kind enough to send me their “Horror Block”.


“Horror Block is a monthly pop-horror package delivered right to your door!”

Horror Block is horror-themed mystery box that every month includes a new t-shirt plus a selection of toys & collectibles. As a big fan of horror movies (and a frequent attendee of horror cons) I’m surprised I’ve only recently heard of this.

The Horror Block box is the same size (large shoe box) as the Nerd Block and roughly the same weight (around 2 pounds). This cool looking box featuring a bloody hand print and bloody tape probably gets some fun reactions at the post office. Enough of the box, it’s time to check out the goods inside!




“Meet the Zumbies! Each Zumbie has his or her own gruesome tale of unwise demise.”

The Zumbies: Walking Thread

I’m not familiar with The Zumbies but it’s a cute zombie key-chain made mostly of yarn and felt.

Retail: $3.99









“One of our favorite film franchises, this set depicts the life cycle of our favorite Xenomorphs.”

Alien Pin Pack

Besides the fact that this pin set shows the evolution of an alien from the egg, it’s got some great looking packaging. From the Weyland-Yutani logo to the blood splatters, this is a cool looking set.

Retail: $7.99 (Estimated)








“This is Halloween, THIS IS HALLOWEEN! Which character did you get?”

Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Figure

Before I get to the figure itself, I was kind of surprised for a blind box type figure it tells you which one it is on the box.

The figure itself is a 3 piece kit that snaps together (instructions included) to make a highly-detailed figure. The paint applications are fantastic and the attention to detail is crazy for something this small, even down to her cat sitting by her feet and the bottle in her basket.

Retail: $4.99

IMG_20140804_143235 IMG_20140804_143553



“With a major focus on 20 bittersweet years of The Crow, it’s a must read for any horror fanatic.”

Rue Morgue Magazine

Latest issue of Rue Morgue, one of the top horror magazines on the market. Cover story is a reflection on the history of The Crow.

I thoroughly enjoyed the behind the scenes article on Phantom of the Paradise. Nice to see a fun cult classic get the attention it deserves.

Retail: $9.95


IMG_20140804_144454The Frog Brothers T-Shirt

High-quality lightly distressed print on a heavy-weight t-shirt. Design is based on the vampire-hunting Frog Brothers from The Lost Boys.

Quite frankly, this shirt is awesome and worth the cost of a box on it’s own. Everything else would be a bonus.

Retail: $14.99 (Estimated)





“What’s worse than a tornado? A tornado filled with sharks! Then again, a tornado filled with anything is pretty bad.”

Sharknado Funko Pop Figure

Horror Block’s “Horror Certified Product of the Month” is the Funko POP! vinyl Sharknado figure. The figure is highly detailed with the shark firmly in the middle of the tornado. It also features a pretty nice paint job, especially with the colors used for the tornado itself.

I’m not a huge fan of the Sharknado movies but this little guy is a sharknado of adorableness. Who would’ve thunk that a tornado of sharks could be cute?

Retail: $14.99



overallOver $55 worth of fun horror stuff in a $20 box! The box featured a nice variety of items including an amazing shirt i’ll be happy to wear, a brand new Sharknado figure and other nice items like the Sally Figure, the pins and the new issue of Rue Morgue.  While I was very impressed with their Nerd Block Classic, the Horror Block surpassed that. If you’re a fan of horror, I’d safely say you’d get your money’s worth with a subscription.

In addition to the Horror Block, they also offer also Nerd Block Classic (“Comic Con in a box, plus a shirt, monthly!”) and Nerd Block Jr. (“Awesome nerd gear for kids aged 6 to 11”) for boys and girls.




Disclosure: A complimentary Horror Block Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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