Horror Block July 2015

10 Overall Score
Quality: 10/10
Value: 10/10
Variety: 10/10

Two awesome shirts from American Werewolf in London & Shaun of the Dead | Newest issue of Rue Morgue | Exclusive Choose Their Kill DVD | Walking Dead Sticker | Exclusive Buffy the Vampire Slayer vinyl figure

Subscription Box Horror Block

Theme “The Pop Horror Subscription Box!”

Price $19.99 | $17.99 (3 months) | $16.99 (6 months) | $15.99 (12 months)

Shipping $9.50 (US) | $8.75 (Canada)

IMG_20150801_152651Horror Block is Nerd Block’s horror-themed mystery box that every month includes a t-shirt and a selection of toys & collectibles.

The box is about the size of a large shoe box and features “bloody” packaging with “blood soaked” packing tape.

June’s Horror Block included a Cthulhu plush, Purge shirt, Alien ice cube tray, Scream figure and the newest Rue Morgue.


IMG_20150801_153212American Werewolf in London Shirt

From ShirtPunch is an awesome bloody Werewolf from American Werewolf in London.







IMG_20150801_153027Choose Their Kill DVD Collection

A Horror Block Exclusive DVD of Crypt TV’s new Choose Their Kill show. It’s a twisted horror video version of Choose Your Own Adventure.


IMG_20150801_152836Rue Morgue Magazine

The newest issue of Rue Morgue. The main theme was children in horror but there was also a great piece on FX’s The Strain.


IMG_20150801_153016The Walking Dead Car Decal

A high quality car decal from AMC’s The Walking Dead show.







IMG_20150801_153250BONUS T-Shirt

This month included a second bonus shirt from a previous Nerd Block or Arcade Block. I was lucky enough to get their awesome Shaun of the Dead shirt.






IMG_20150801_153413Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vinyl Figure

A Horror Block Exclusive this is a special bloody version of the Spike figure that was in this month’s Nerd Block.



IMG_20150801_153620I’m not a big fan of the Buffy figure that’s but that’s ok because they included not one but TWO awesome shirts from American Werewolf in London and Shaun of the Dead! There’s also fun horror-choose-your-own-adventure DVD and the newest issue of Rue Morgue.

If you love all-things horror, there’s a great chance you’ll love Horror Block.


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Disclosure: A complimentary Horror Block Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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