HorrorDervs April 2015

9.7 Overall Score
Quality: 9/10
Value: 10/10
Variety: 10/10

Funny horror-themed stationery set | Pinhead hat | Very-well done Bates Motel shadowbox | Bonus comic book |Awesome handmade menu card | A fantastic value at only $17

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Subscription Box HorrorDervs

Theme “Appetizing Mini Grab Bag Of Horrors We Serve Each Month”

Price $17.00

Shipping FREE (US)

IMG_20150420_002810HorrorDervs is a subscription service that offers a monthly grab bag of horror themed items. They have two options, a monthly renewing subscription or a 1 time gift otption. Both are only $17 including the shipping within the US. Each month a hand-made menu is included that describes what’s included.

HorrorDervs arrived in a very large envelope rather than a box. Which makes sense considering they say it’s a “grab bag”.


IMG_20150420_003708Stationery Trio Set

While on the outside these cards look like the normal Hallmark-like “Thank You”, “Have A Great Day” & “Thinking of You” cards they actually have horror photos on the inside. The movies featured are Creepshow 2, Misery & Child’s Play.


IMG_20150420_003232Pinhead Hat

A silkscreened hat featuring Pinhead from Hellraiser.







IMG_20150420_003452Bates Motel Shadowbox

This is really impressive. It’s a wooden shadowbox of the Bates Motel sign that includes 2 battery powered tea candles that fit inside to light it.


IMG_20150420_003254Leprechaun Chocolate Coin

Chocolate coin from everyone’s favorite Leprechaun.







IMG_20150420_003623Bonus Comic Book

This has to be a bonus since it’s not on the Menu. It’s the Night of the Living Dead: The Beginning comic from Avatar Press.







IMG_20150420_004112It’s hard to believe that HorrorDervs is only $17 (INCLUDING SHIPPING) considering the quality of the Bates Motel shadowbox sign. Let alone the fact that you get a hat, a horror-themed stationery set and a bonus comic book.

HorrorDervs is a great value that has a nice mix of items and sticks to the theme. If you’re a fan of Horror you should subscribe to HorrorDervs.


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Disclosure: A complimentary HorrorDervs Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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