House Of Lightning – Self Titled

4 Overall Score
Originality: 3/10
Production: 7/10
Songs: 4/10

The production is almost pretty good but the vocals are buried.

It is boring.

House Of Lightning
Self Titled
Fair Warning Records

House Of Lightning is a three piece band out of Miami, Florida.  Not quite a classic power trio, as the guitarist does the vocals and not the bass player, but a three piece nonetheless.

I only had two tracks from the seven track release to do this review with so it will be a short one, and while these songs did not exactly bowl me over, they are not horrible so I can’t make fun of them to pad my review…  Anyway, that said, the first of the two tracks I have to work with is James Brown pt.1 (yes there is a James Brown pt.2 following but I did not get to hear it.) Now what this song has to do with James Brown I do not know as the vocals are a bit buried in the mix, which otherwise is not bad.

I would have brought the vocals up a bit and put an exciter on them but that is just me. For all I know they are talking about a different James Brown.  There are plenty of them out there in the world. What this song has to do with any James Brown is as mystifying to me as is why they list “reggae” as a tag because this is not reggae at all. What it is is power metal, early 80’s style, on the slower side. James Brown pt.1 is not a bad song, but neither is it a good one.

It is not one nor the other. It is just there, like vegetables on a plate that go uneaten. I already forgot what it sounds like and I just listened to it. What is the market for this? It is dull. It just rests in peace and that is about it. I don’t know what else to say about it, and it’s not funny-dull, so sorry, Lester Bangs will remain resting in his grave.

The second song, Rapture, is more of the same but marginally better. However I am simply not hearing anything here that I have not heard before.

It is the sort of stuff I play at band practice when we are about done and tired and I am just tossing out chords for no reason.

There! I just invented another new genre (I invented “collapsing building music” several reviews ago.) This time the genre is “no reason music.”  Because I can find no reason for its existence. It has been done, has been done a lot and has been done better. It does not suck; but it is derivative and to me that is worse.




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