Hulk and the Agents of Smash – Episode 2: Doorway to Destruction – Part 2

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Eliza Dushku and Seth Green? When did this happen?

Sorry still can't get over the cheesy one liners...

HULK and the Agents of SMASH! – Episode 2
Doorway to Destruction – Part 2
Marvel Comics/DisneyXD

 In New Mexico there are lizards….bunnys….and THE HULK!!

As Hulk is hoppin’ around the desert to save his friends, we find he’s really starting to get into the whole webcast interview thing. Another fun fact I’ve found is that if you were to novelize this entire episode changing only the words Hulk with Edward and Rick/A-Bomb with Bella you’d have one of the most decent pieces of Twilight fan fiction on the net…(Can I do this?)

Anyway a portal is opened to the Negative Zone and we find Annihilus talking about how he’s gonna suck the earth into the Negative Zone before Rick Becomes A-Bomb and a few more Bella/Edward moments ensue. Hulk tells Rick to stay home while he gets his pilot friend but of course Rick won’t have this and the two are off to meet Jen aka She-Hulk who is pursuing a bright career as a stunt double in Hollywood movies.

The following results in epic adventures of spaceship battles and fighting over the bathroom. Later our buddy Skaar shows up with Red Hulk who seems to have sold out to Annihilus and  the two try to take Hulk and his buddies out. Skaar attempts to use Hulk to take down the ship and Hulk takes a brief intermission to reflect on his feelings of having his head smashed in. (Spoiler warning: He didn’t like it)

He later finds that both Skaar and Red have chips on the back of their necks that make them evil and with the help of A-Bomb who can now turn invisible they are discarded ,then everyone joins forces to form Voltro- I mean fight Annihilus and save the world.

Hulk being the self-loathing protagonist that he is, sends everyone home to go the rest of the mission alone. Annihilus follows and after taking down his ship the two fight hand to hand. Hulk is finally able to attempt to close the portal with him in it and the explosion blasts him into space but is his rescued by the others.

To celebrate their victory the four have a BBQ and decide to a new dream: Their Youtube 15 minutes of fame.


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