Hulk and the Agents of Smash – Doorway to Destruction Part 1 (Episode 1)

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Action : 10/10
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A few Cheesy one liners.

Hulk and the Agents of Smash – Doorway to Destruction Part 1 (Episode 1)

The really great thing about Hulk and the Agents of Smash is that they were able to recap the entire episode in the the first 2 sentences:


Hulk : Hulk Smash

Army Dude: Kill the Hulk


There it is folks, the whole episode…. Despite this though I am going to elaborate in a bit more detail…


After this scene with Hulk…smashing.. we meet Rick…(you’ll want to call him Bella when you finish this episode though) Rick used to have some buddies who want the Hulk to be seen as a monster and in an effort to piss them off, he has now decided to film a documentary which proves them all wrong. Apparently the best way to do this is film touching moments with Hulk telling his bff to GTFO and muting over news stations on your television to voice over all the stuff he’s supposed to be saying. Good job, no one will ever notice your not that old fart from the Daily Bugle…

A hurricane type thing soon begins to descend upon Hulks hometown and this is especially not cool because it seems this is the town where Hulk gets his intellectual property rights revenue. Hulk saves a little girl, some more smashing happens and we find the big hole thing is a portal to the negative zone courtesy of Annihilus who sends his buddy Skaar to handle his business…that business being to smash…and then Stan Lee tries to sell us some used cars. I immediately start saving money for a pretend animated used car.
More cool action scenes ensue and with all the cameos so far, when Rick calles Skaar Shaggy, I totally expect to see scooby doo… He doesn’t show up but Red Hulk does and he is not opposed to documentary interviews…and possibly online dating…


They take their unconscious new buddy and put him in a tube, until a surprise twist leads everyone on another adventure but not before Hulk locks Rick in a tube for his protection not unlike how Edward pulls the engine out of Bellas car so she can’t hang with her werewolf buds.
You’ll have to watch to find out what happens here. Overall I enjoyed this show mostly because they did a lot of my snarky commentary for me. If your looking for a decent plot and many action scenes you won’t be disappointed here either.


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