Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack, Star Wars Armada

7.6 Overall Score
Utility: 8/10

Low dollar cost, low points cost, especially good at boosting the squadron game, nimble.


The Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack adds two flotilla variants to Star Wars Armada: the Gozanti-Class Cruisers and the Gozanti-Class Assault Carriers. Although superficially similar to their Alliance counterparts, the GR-75s, the player who fails to appreciate their differences will be making a mistake.

The Gozantis do share the GR-75s’ fragility – with four shields, three hull points, Engineering 2, one scatter and one evade token, they are easily killed by larger ships. But your opponent has to give up shooting at more valuable targets to do that, so one of the best ways to keep Gozantis safe is to keep them close to a more expensive ally.

The Gozanti-Class Assault Carriers are the better buy at 28 points. They are five points more expensive than the Cruisers, but their front arc battery armament is one red die, not one blue die, giving it the ability to fire at targets from a safe distance. Their anti-squadron armament changes from one black die to one blue die, a good trade of damage potential for range. It doesn’t matter how much damage you do if you can’t hit the target. And because an anti-squadron attack affects every enemy squadron within arc and range, the blue die is more likely to affect more targets in one attack.

The Gozantis can equip the new Fleet Support Upgrade cards, and are the only Imperial ship which may do so. Repair Crews are a useful upgrade for them, in contrast to the Alliance GR-75s, which are better fitted with Leia Organa and Comms Net. Jamming Field remains a liability, requiring superhuman precision to use without also negatively affecting friendly squadrons. And Slicer Tools requires you to maneuver your fragile flotilla lethally close to enemy ships to get an uncertain result. It could pay off, but it’s more likely to be a waste of points that gets your flotilla killed.

Lacking access to Leia Organa, the Gozantis are not well served by Comms Net, which requires them to take the token instead of spending their command dial. Then it allows them give the token to a friendly ship. This severely limits the flotilla to handing out tokens, and firing its minimal armaments.

The Gozantis are primarily for boosting the Imperial squadron game. The Fleet Support Upgrade Bomber Command Center significantly increases bomber lethality, especially if combined with Expanded Hangar Bay or Boosted Comms. Admiral Chiraneau can be added to help bombers slip loose of enemy interceptors.

In the anti-squadron role, Gozantis equipped with Expanded Hangar Bay can activate squadrons to attack enemy squadrons. Then the Gozanti can fire their anti-squadron armament on the enemy fighters with impunity; while the enemy squadrons are engaged in squadron combat, they can’t shoot at ships. Agent Kallus is very helpful in this role.

For less than seventy fleet points, a pair of upgraded Gozantis can be a major force multiplier for the Imperial squadrons. This investment would also give the Imperial fleet two activations instead of the one that a single ship would. It also spreads the point investment across more ships, making the Imperial fleet more resilient.

A Gozanti is also a good home for Admiral Titus or Director Isard, instead of using up a more valuable Officer Upgrade slot elsewhere. And finally, a very bold commander could make a flotilla into their flagship, spreading fleet points around, and surprising people.

The Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack is cheap in dollars, and provides the Imperial player with a flexible addition that is easy to fit into a fleet due to its low point cost. Recommended.




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