IndieBox December 2014: Rogue Legacy

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Gameplay: 9/10
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High quality box | Inventive USB game cartridge | Steam key | Old-school manual | Full CD soundtrack | 3D Keychain | Stickers | Card Game | Magnet Phrase Picture Frame | Difficult but creative gameplay


IndieBox December 2014: Rogue Legacy

Subscription Box IndieBox

Theme “Delivers collector’s edition versions of indie games to your door every month.”

Price $19.99 / month (with discounts for 3 or 6 month subscriptions)

Shipping $3 US

The Florida-based IndieBox is a subscription box meets a video game of the month club. Each month they offer a different and new game (always playable on PC, Linux & Mac). With a goal of “bringing back the box” you get a custom box, manual and other goodies like posters, keychains, stickers (varying monthly).

Each IndieBox is shipped in a plain white mailer that’s about the size of a small Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.

In September I reviewed the WWII air combat game Luftrausers which came with some neat collectibles like a replica war medal, foam airplane and embroidered patch.


IMG_20150120_145036Game Box

The contents are enclosed in a high quality glossy cardboard box similar in size to the classic Nintendo boxes. In the future IndieBox plans to do some larger-size boxes closer to the older PC collector’s edition titles.


IMG_20150120_145447USB Game Cartridge

As always with an IndieBox, this month’s game comes on a credit card-sized USB “cartridge”. I’m still not sure if anyone else uses this system but it’s pretty smart. The USB end unfolds from the card pretty easily.


IMG_20150120_145102Steam Key

IndieBox usually includes a Steam Key but I was surprised to see it on a sticker on the outside of the box. Not sure why someone wouldn’t want to open this when there’s so much stuff included.



IMG_20150120_145908Instruction Manual

Old school instruction manual complete with a place for notes in the back.


IMG_20150120_145952Soundtrack CD

The game’s full soundtrack on CD in a high quality glossy sleeve.



Pretty neat 3D plastic/rubber sword keychain.






Two stickers included. The Rogue Legacy logo and a special Rogue Legacy version of the IndieBox logo.




IMG_20150120_150138Card Game

Probably my favorite item included was the Rogue Legacy card game. It’s pretty much a more complex version of rock paper scissor but it’s magic, defense & attack.



IMG_20150120_150104Magnet Phrase Picture Frame

One of the main items of the box is the magnet phrase picture frame with various words from Rogue Legacy’s characters.





As always the IndieBox newsletter included. I like that they explained why the game of the month is no longer a secret. Before their Brutal Legend box, they were like most subscription boxes where the month’s choice was a complete surprise.



Rogue Legacy is a creative but difficult platformer. When I say difficult, I mean it’s pretty much a certainty that you’ll die. But dying if the part where it becomes creative. When your character dies you pick a new heir with entirely different traits to take up your legacy. You could become a near-sighted barbarian who prefers close combat or a long distance magic user with OCD that must clear everything. I’m not a video game expert but I’ve never played anything like Rogue Legacy before.

2015-01-20_00003 2015-01-20_00004 2015-01-20_00005


Consider the fact that Rogue Legacy on Steam retails for $14.99. So including shipping costs, for an additional $8 you’re getting a high quality box, full CD soundtrack, instruction manual, USB cartridge, card game, keychain, stickers & magnet frame. As always, a pretty insane value for the price. Doesn’t hurt that it’s also a fun and inventive game.

Last months box was great but this went above and beyond. If you’re into video games and/or subscription boxes, I highly recommend Indiebox.

Use the code INDIEBOX10 to save 10%.

Disclosure: A complimentary IndieBox was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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