Interdictor Expansion Pack

5.3 Overall Score
Utility: 7/10
Dollar Value: 5/10
Point Value: 4/10

The Interdictor introduces the Experimental Retrofit upgrades.

Are the Experimental Retrofit cards worth it?

Interdictor Expansion Pack
Fantasy Flight Games

The Interdictor Expansion Pack brings the most unique ship variants to date into Star Wars Armada. The Interdictor Suppression Refit, and the the Interdictor Combat Retrofit, are both just overpriced, undergunned Victory-II Star Destroyers. The only reason to have one is to equip it with Experimental Retrofit Cards, a new category of upgrade that only the Interdictor cruisers may use. Any review of The Interdictor Expansion Pack is really a review of the Experimental Retrofit Cards.

The Experimental Retrofit Cards are underwhelming.

Grav Shift Reroute gives a limited ability to rearrange the obstacles in the set-up area. But considering that the Imperial player gets to place half the obstacles anyway, this is not very useful. It is best deployed with the G&-X Grav Well Projector, which interferes with the deployment of Alliance ships.

The Targeting Scrambler is a little more useful. The Interdictor can use it on itself, or on a friendly ship within distance 1-3; but every commander knows that the first casualty in battle is the formation. However, the Scrambler only works when the target is being attacked at close range, and then it only forces the attacker to reroll up to four dice. A reroll could always come up the same, or even worse, for the target. The fact that The Targeting Scrambler has to be exhausted when used limits its usefulness even further.

The G-8 Experimental Projector allows you to reduce an enemy ship’s speed, but that isn’t always useful. In the two games I played with it equipped, it never came up.

The Interdictor Suppression Retrofit costs 90 fleet points, and carries a little less firepower, but it can equip two of the Experimental Retrofits. The Interdictor Combat Retrofit costs 93 fleet points and carries a little more firepower, but has only one Experimental Retrofit slot. Which means that the Combat Retrofit variant is an expensive mistake compared to the Suppression Retrofit, or even a Victory-II SD.

It should be noted that the Suppression Retrofit is heavy on blue dice, and so is a good candidate for Ion Cannon Upgrades. These could work well with the controlling effects of the Experimental Upgrade cards.

Interdictor variants trade the solid reliability of guns and squadron value for gimmicks that are less reliable. An Imperial commander should think carefully before investing the $40 in this expansion.




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