Jack Hammer: Political Science

7.5 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialoque: 7/10
Story: 7/10

Jack feels very noir in a not-so-noir world, and that makes him a lot of fun.

Not a terribly original story, I'm afraid.

Jack Hammer: Political Science
(W)Brandon Barrows
Action Lab

A trench coat and fedora wearing detective’s case turns from a missing person to murder to something much bigger. It’s not the most original thing, but it is a lot of fun to read. The buddy banter, quirky one-liners, and no-rules attitude kept me reading, even if the story has been done before.

I’m torn on calling the writing nothing special, or actually pretty good. One the one hand, this is a totally copy and pasted story with few surprises, no unexpected twists, and no grey areas. It’s not doing anything new. But on the other hand, it did it really well. It was fun to read, and always managed to keep my attention, even when I wasn’t surprised at all by what was going on. Each one of the characters was solid and consistent, and each had a unique personality and motivation. The dialogue wasn’t always the best, but it was always good in that Summer Blockbuster bad ass with a one liner Hollywood way. That’s a lot of fun if you don’t take it too seriously, and Jack Hammer never does.

The art was just as inconsistent as the writing, but in a less enjoyable way. It actually felt a lot like playing an online game on an unstable connection, sometimes faces just don’t load, and sometimes one character in a scene looks a lot worse than others. It’s not all that bad, overall, but it does give the book a bit of an unfinished feeling, and I would like it a lot more with that. Of course, I do still like it, and the good bits are really good.

Overall, my opinion of this is positive, I just wish they had cleaned up a few things before putting it out, because then it might really have shined. It’s still worth a look, though, especially if you’re into old detective stories with dames and gangsters. It’s a very cool take on that theme, just in the modern world and with modern concerns. And I’d definitely watch for more from that team who did it. There’s a lot of potential there.



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