Japan Crate Premium March 2015

9.7 Overall Score
Quality: 9/10
Value: 10/10
Variety: 10/10

Large variety of high quality Japanese snacks | Energy drink | 2 DIY Kits | Awesome ice-cream like chocolate cone | Tasty white chocolate bar


Subscription Box Japan Crate

Theme “Japanese Candy Delivered To You Every Month”

Price $30

Shipping FREE

IMG_20150413_104453Japan Crate is a Japanese Candy subscription box with three different options. They have a $12 mini box that includes 4-6 items, the $25 original box that has 8-12 items and a $30 premium box. Japan Crate sent the premium box that includes 2 pounds of 10-14 full-size candies, drinks & DIY kits.

Japan Crate is shipped in a wide but flat briefcase-like box with the large logo on the bottom.


IMG_20150413_104958Kami Bikkuriman Wafer

Chocolate-filled wafer with a trading card game card.




IMG_20150413_105227Hi-Chew Minis

Smaller version of the gum-like Hi-Chews. It’s pretty much fruit-flavored gum that you can swallow.


IMG_20150413_105142Fujiya Fruit Drops

Hard round fruit-flavored candies.




IMG_20150413_105121Kantorimaamu Crispy

It tastes like a chocolate chip cookie but it’s mostly granola. Best tasting granola bar ever? Possibly.



IMG_20150413_105047Meiji White Chocolate

A delicious high quality white chocolate bar, it’s got a light vanilla taste.


IMG_20150413_105315On Shokora Houjun

Chocolate bar covered in sour rasberry and strawberry crumbles.


IMG_20150413_105023Animal Pancake DIY

I really wish the DIY kits had better instructions, had to watch a YouTube video to make this. Each package has a different animal-shaped pancake pattern. Unfortunately the finished microwaved pancake doesn’t taste very good.


IMG_20150413_105341Koume Chan Plum

Slightly sour but mostly sweet plum jelly candies.




IMG_20150413_104713Power Squash

Doesn’t contain or taste like squash, it’s pretty much a regular energy drink. Kind of a fruitier Red Bull.



IMG_20150413_104901NeruNeru Ichigo DIY

The second DIY kit was much easier. Mix the chocolate sauce & mix the sour frosting. Then you dip the wafer sticks in both and cover with the large sprinkles.



IMG_20150413_104840Glico Kapuriko

This was pretty awesome. It’s a ice cream cone filled with a whipped chocolate. Straight out of the room temperature package it has a ice cream like consistency and taste. There’s also a hint of truffle.



Tiny sugar rock candies.





IMG_20150413_10575112 high quality full-sized candies including a drink and 2 DIY kits for only $30 shipped is a pretty awesome value. I like how in-depth the item descriptions are on the included card.

If you like Japanese candies and snacks, you’ll love Japan Crate.


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Disclosure: A complimentary Japan Crate Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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