King Tiger #1

8 Overall Score
Art: 9/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 7/10

Great art style.

The story is a little flat so far.

King Tiger #1
(W)Randy Stradley
(A)Doug Wheatley
Dark Horse Comics

Blood, death, and fire—the darkest kind of magic. A monstrous secret from King Tiger’s past has found the mystic warrior, but can Tiger’s skills and sorcery triumph against an unthinkable supernatural obscenity linked to his own destiny? If the Tiger falls, the Dragon will rise!

King Tiger is a warrior/sorcerer/mercenary who fights demonic evils whenever they pop up, and he’s training a new assistant. That’s a neat take on things, as people who fight demons are usually represented as super-powered bad-asses who make it all look easy. It’s fun to think someone might need a caddy from time to time.

While the theme of the book may be fun, the actual story suffers from a lack of depth. An unknown narrator tells the reader how horribly bleak human existence is, and some bad things happen to push the story forward. But so far, there’s not much connecting one event to the next, and not much reason for the reader to care how terrible things can be. I suspect this is just to get the series rolling, but it’s still a shame for this book, which comes off as just enough background to get to the action.

The art, however, is impressive from page one and stays that way. This is a great combination of comic book colorful and realistic, that I just don’t see done this well very often. The detail in each character’s clothes, tattoos, and even hair is amazing, but somehow it doesn’t take away from that “this is a comic book” feeling that I enjoy so much. Even the dimly-lit warehouse visited in the middle of the night is bright and colorful and detailed. I like that look a lot.

King Tiger #1 is a weird one, because while I don’t love this issue, I think I’m going to love this series. It’s a beautiful book that fails to deliver the cool details of the story like I wanted it to, but I can still see those cool details emerging, and I’m hoping, expecting, issue 2 to be much more fulfilling. #1 is worth it for the art alone, but I’m really looking forward to more in the future.



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