Landfall Freight Co. October 2015

9.4 Overall Score
Quality: 10/10
Value: 9/10
Variety: 9/10

Full-sized graphic novel | Mini-trade paperback | Brand new Image Comic | High quality tote bag | DIY craft project | Temporary tattoos | Dark Horse button | Tasty lollipop


Subscription Box Landfall Freight Co.

Theme “Graphic novels, comics and zines! All featuring female leads!”

Price $29.99 1 month | $89.97 3 months | $173.94 6 months

IMG_20151030_114139Landfall Freight Co. is a comic book & graphic novel subscription box started by sisters Michelle & Tianna to give more representation to females in comics. They also wanted to make female-friendly books more accessible to readers by hand-picking the contents of each box. This month’s box has the well-timed theme of “Heart of Darkness”.

The box is long but flat and features unique art-work on the inside and out. One of the nicest looking sub boxes I’ve seen in awhile.

IMG_20151030_114435 IMG_20151030_114446


IMG_20151030_120102Heart In A Box (Dark Horse Comics)

Kelly Thompson & Meredith McClaren

After having her heart broken, Emma makes a terrible mistake and wishes for her heart to no longer exist. To regain her heart she must find all seven pieces of it. It’s like a darker Scott Pilgrim and the artwork is fantastic.

IMG_20151030_120139 IMG_20151030_120315


IMG_20151030_114651Zombies Can’t Swim (Borderline Press)

Kim Herbst

This zombie apocalypse meets romance story, takes place in rural Japan. These two lovers have to defend themselves from the dead with only swords.

IMG_20151030_114700 IMG_20151030_114728

IMG_20151030_114749From Under Mountains (Image Comics)

Claire Gibson, Sloane Leong, Marian Churchland

The first issue of From Under Mountains (new from Image) features a brand new story set in Brandon Graham’s 8house Universe (Kiem, Arclight & Mirror). While this Fantasy story takes place in that world, it’s not a prerequisite to read it before picking up From Under Mountains. From Under Mountains revolves around a thief, a lord’s daughter and a witch all from Karsgate. It’ll be interesting to see by the end of the series how the different characters continue to intersect to make the larger overall story.

IMG_20151030_114916 IMG_20151030_114902

IMG_20151030_115637Heart on a Bag

From Dark Cycle Clothing (Etsy) is a black tote bag with a bright neon pink heart screeprinted design.


IMG_20151030_115025Follow Your Heart Tattoos

From Tattify (Etsy) is a package of temporary tattoos that fit this month’s “Heart of Darkness” theme.


IMG_20151030_115336Dark Horse Comics Button

1″ pinback button featuring the classic Dark Horse Comics logo.





IMG_20151030_115137DIY Dark Heart Garland

This cute projects involves attaching the pre-cut black hearts to the included hemp twine. There’s a full tutorial at



Delicious caramel apple lollipop.


IMG_20151030_115738 IMG_20151030_115728

IMG_20151030_120604This month’s Landfall Freight Co. box included a full-sized brand new graphic novel, brand new Image Comic and an imported mini-trade for a reasonable price while sticking close to it’s theme. You can tell there’s a lot of thought put into the selection process of what’s included, even down to the bonuses like the heart tote bag, the temporary tattoos and the craft project.

This female-friendly box is a good choice for anyone that wants to read some quality comics and graphic novels (whether they are female or not). 

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Disclosure: A complimentary Landfall Freight Co. Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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