9 Overall Score
Displayability: 10/10
Playability: 8/10
Quality: 9/10

Solid joints, well proportioned, high quality accessories.

Loose shoes, coat a bit too snug.

For our latest review of The Three Stooges retro action figure line from Figures Toy Company, we’re putting Larry in the spotlight.


For those of you not familiar with the Stooges, Larry was the sad-sack ‘middle man’ of the group. Never the funniest, usually the target of Moe’s barbs and backhands, Larry was nevertheless an integral part of one of the most famous comedy troupe’s in the history of pop culture.

This review is for the Larry figure based on the classic Stooges short, “Dizzy Doctors.” It’s rip-your-guts funny. Check it out here:


(Aside: You may recall I said Black & White slapstick comedy scenes don’t rate well on YouTube? Check out the # of views on this GREAT Stooges episode. Depressing)

As a reminder, the main criteria I use to judge any toy is:

  • Displayability
  • Playability
  • Quality

Once again, the packaging here is first-rate. I really like the attention to detail Figures Toy Company puts into its packaging. The re-sealable clamshell is well constructed and the blister card features a great shot of Larry. The back includes an image from the actual episode along with images of the other Stooges retro figures.


One major difference I noticed immediately from the Curley figure I reviewed earlier was that this Larry figure seemed much sturdier. No issues with loose limbs and articulation points. The hip joint, which was an issue with the Curley figure, is not a problem here.


I posed him in various ways and he was quite steady. That’s due to the tighter joints, obviously. The difference between the Curly body and this one for Larry is noticeable enough that makes me think the Curly body was just a lemon from the factory, and not indicative of all the Curly figures.

The clothes on the Dizzy Doctors Larry are nicely constructed.


The pants, shirt and coat fit snugly and are easily removed. The coat, which has a Velcro enclosure, is almost too well conformed to the figure, because it’s a bit harder to put back on. But that’s minor. I like the attention to detail here. The designers added a button to the coat sleeve to match the 3 buttons on the coat.


Remember how I mentioned in my Curly review that the shoes were tough to remove? The shoes on Larry are the exact opposite. They are much larger than the figure’s foot, so they slide off with little effort. Maybe with Moe, FTC will find the sweet spot for a nice, comfortable fit for the shoes.

Larry’s head is accurate as Curly’s. It’s quite impressive. Even right down to the receding hairline and the frizzy hair. Very impressed with it. It’s not overly tight, it’s just right and allows for easy movements to either side.


It’s also well proportioned and the hat that’s included with the figure fits nicely on his head.

All in all, this is an extremely well made and detailed action figure of the middle Stooge. If you’re collecting these figures, then I have to assume you’re either A) a Retro Mego completest or B) a Stooges fan. If you’re the latter, then I would say this Larry is a great one to add to your collection. It displays quite nicely.

Up next: our review of Moe from the Three Stooges line. And don’t forget to check out the Figures Toy Company website and more retro action figures!


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