Mad Foxes

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Cast: 4/10
Story: 8/10
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It's a classic, worth watching at least twice.

A few film flubs, some bad editing and bad English dubbing.


Mad Foxes
Reflection Films

What do you do when you’re a single, and rich record producer who drives a slick Corvette and you’ve just picked up a random woman at a bar and on the way back to your place you both get jumped by a Nazi biker gang who dress like a combination of Freddy Mercury of Queen, and Rob Halford of Judas Priest, they beat you up and stab you and they rape your would be one night stand only to find out that she was a virgin?

You do what any other rich guy does, you have your best friend who just happens to own and run a Karate school take his students out to the streets and kick Nazi biker gang ass! Yes, you ask your friend to put his paying students lives in danger, what the heck! Right?

But what happens when this only makes the Nazi biker gang angry? Well, first off they find that Karate school that your friend owns and then they show up with machine guns, kick in the door and kill everyone, and yes I mean everyone.

Oh but it get’s so much worse, let’s say that before he died your friend who owns the Karate school’s last words to the Nazi biker gang were your name and address? And they come looking for you. Well obviously you do what anyone else would do, you sneak in to your Corvette and haul ass to your even richer parents house, but on the way you pick up a half naked chick who was just doing it with some other guy on the beach, and you take her with you to meet your parents.

You introduce the woman you picked up on the beach to your parents as your girlfriend and proceed to have so much sex over the next few days that you apparently fall in love and completely forget about the 20 something year old virgin women you picked up at a bar who was raped by a gang and you swore to get revenge on the gang for what they did to her because now you have some new random female in your life. Yeah seriously, this is one great film!

Can things get any worse? Why yes, of course they can, because just when you think everything is going well, and that gang who is after you forgot about you, they happen to show up at your parents place and kill everyone while you’re out frolicking with your new love interest. So what do you do when you come home to your parents house to find them slaughtered? You go ape shit, grab a shotgun and go after the killers in your bad ass Corvette.

Mad Foxes is a fun, and crazy shoot ’em up with lot’s of blood, sex and violence and totally worth watching if you can find a copy of this out of print film.

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  1. Mike Favata August 10, 2012 at 10:25 pm - Reply

    The Nazi biker with the pigtails looks like Ray Liotta.

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