Madballs #1

6 Overall Score
Art: 7/10
Dialogue: 6/10
Story: 5/10

Here's a brand I never thought I'd see again!

Simple one-liners and gross out humor only an adolescent could love.

Madballs #1
(W) Brad McGinty (A) Brian Smith (CA) Brad McGinty
Lion Forge

You thought – no, hoped – those disgusting creepy heads from the ’80s were gone forever, but boy, were you wrong! When the headless Torsoids sabotage the Intergalactic Bizarro Bowl, the squabbling Madballs have to team up to take ’em down. Screamin’ Meemie, Brain Bash, Skullface, and the rest of Madballs are back in this grosser-than-gross new adventure!

Being old enough to remember the Madballs line of “toys”, I never quite understood the appeal. Now that the comic is out, I still don’t get it. This is a comic about living balls playing crazy sports and making terribly eye-rolling jokes. I suppose it would appeal to the kind of kid who still thinks boogers are funny, but I can’t see it having much of an audience beyond that.

It’s going to be hard to discuss any story, because there really isn’t much of one. They’re balls. They play a game and manage not to score any points. That’s about as fun and interesting as it sounds. This comic exists to set up the one line, catch phrase jokes like “I think we get the *point*, Horn Head.” See, because he has a point on his head… That’s what you can expect…

At least the art isn’t terrible. I wouldn’t exactly call it “good”, but it is consistent and clear. It’s never hard to tell what’s going on, and if you want to be grossed out by drool or snot, you get the chance.

This probably isn’t a comic you’re going to read or collect. It’s not that it’s so bad, it’s just that it appeals to such a tiny market that I can’t believe they bothered. Maybe if you remember playing with the toys when you were lad, this will be a fun blast of nostalgia. Maybe you’re young now and really like this crude humor. But I’m more than a little surprised it exists. I guess there’s an enthusiast market for everything, but if you don’t already know what a Madball is, I wouldn’t bother taking a look at this. I don’t think it’s going to convert anyone.




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