Madman In Your Face 3D Special

8 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialoque: 8/10
Story: 8/10

Some great writing!

Not terribly inclusive for first time readers.

Madman In Your Face 3D Special
(W)Michael Allred, (A/CA)Laura Allred, Michael Allred
Image Comics

Madman’s 3D special is a small collection of stories dealing mostly with inner conflicts and identity crisis. Even while slugging away at other-dimensional flying fish-beasts, the heroes worry about who they can trust and how much they can share. It’s an interesting anti-action take on action, and it works really well. The fighting and the villains fade into the background as pretty things to watch while reading the real story, and that sets Madman apart from the crowd. Of course, it also helps that the real story is a fascinating read, and is even better without distractions.

The 3D art is a fun throwback that manages to not take anything away from the comic. Obviously, you’re losing color and detail, but it’s for a good, fun reason. And the quality of the art really shows in the first story, where our hero is lead through a collection of possible self-identities represented by practically every art style ever used in a comic. It’s a great metaphor in the story, and it’s an even better excuse to show off some fun stuff inspired by a collective history. For the reader, picking out and identifying the homages becomes more fun than reading the book.

But the writing is what really shines here. Like I’ve said before, the action really fades into the background, and it is what the characters are saying that matters. The dialog may suffer here and there as someone quips a corny one-liner, but overall the conversation and the topics conversed are a real treat. Watching along as someone shrugs off limbo by selecting which version of themselves they choose to be is pretty interesting stuff, and it is very well executed. Follow that up with a deep discussion about which friends you can trust with your innermost doubts, and this book is way deeper than a 3D special should be, in all the right ways.

I think whether or not you’ll like this will boil down to the 3D aspect. It is a gimmick, and a lot of people may not appreciate that. It’s a hard to ignore gimmick, too. It’s not easy to just leave the glasses off and still enjoy this book. But if 3D is your thing, or if you’re willing to put up with the gimmick, this one will be well worth your time. Cool art, cool effects, great story, and great homages to all the greats and then some… totally worth checking out.



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