Mantry March 2015

8.4 Overall Score
Quality: 10/10
Value: 5/10
Variety: 10/10

Wooden shipping crate | Onion Jam on Country Ham | Easy to make Buffalovin' Bread | Tasty booze candy and cake | Curated with care


Subscription Box Mantry

Theme “American Artisan Food – The Modern Man’s Pantry”

Price $75

Shipping $10 (US)

IMG_20150402_134331Mantry is a food-of-the-month club that includes American-made Artisan foods. Included is a pamphlet that goes over where the food came from, how it can be served and how it was chosen.

Box is huge and features the Mantry logo on the side. Upon opening you’ll discover the contents are actually inside of a wooden crate.




IMG_20150402_162250Blackberry Farm Smoked Onion Jam

Not too sweet and not too strong of an onion taste, this Jam was awesome on the ham that was included in the box.

Retail: $15


IMG_20150402_135547JM Thomason Hot Chicken Rub

Simple and spicy chicken rub seasoning blend.

Retail: $9



IMG_20150402_135620Father’s Boneless Biscuit-Sliced Country Ham

First time I’ve ever received ham in the mail. Cooked the ham in red eye (coffee) gravy and served with the onion jam.

Protip: Soak in water before cooking to remove some of the salt from the ham.

Retail: $6


IMG_20150402_134753Soberdough Buffalovin’ Wing Brew Bread

Easiest and most interesting bread I’ve ever made. Add a beer and some blue cheese crumbles to the mix and you get a loaf of spicy buffalo wing bread in 45 minutes.

Retail: $9


IMG_20150402_135815Chattanooga Cookie Co. Lil’ Shot Genuine Tennessee Moonshine Cake

Small cake that’s soaked in Moonshine and filled with chocolate chips. Can taste spices and maybe even molasses. Has a strong alcohol smell but not a strong booze-taste like a rum cake.

Retail: $8


IMG_20150402_135255Shotwell Candy Co. “Old Fashioned” Cocktail Caramels

Like the “Old Fashioned” cocktail they’re named after, these caramels are mixed with orange flavor and whiskey.

Retail: $10




IMG_20150402_140017With Mantry’s expensive price ($87 shipped for $57 total value) it’s definitely one of the higher-end subscription boxes on the market. It may not be a great “value” but it makes up for it in the top-notch curation (sticks to the theme), the presentation (the wooden shipping crate) and the high quality items included.

If you’re a fan of man-focused high-end Artisan foods with a story to tell, you should check out Mantry.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Mantry Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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