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Did you know that 91-93% of Americans eat pizza once a month?

Neither did I, and that’s only the beginning of pizza’s shocking popularity statistics: Americans eat 46 slices of pizza per year on average, and three-hundred and fifty slices of pizza are sold every second, among other things.

That 91% is considerable, so let’s face it: if you’re going to eat pizza, you’d better make it count. It makes up such an integral part of the American diet that it should be high-quality stuff by now. I mean, let’s be honest: nothing’s better than eating steamy pizza on Superhero or sci-fi movie night, and it’s the perfect in-demand food for geeking out during a D&D tournament or late-night team project session.

The challenge then comes: which pizza is most worthy of your hard-earned dollars? With a Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Little Caesar on every corner, the crusty competition literally seems to battle for the right to KO your appetite.

IMG_0789I’m going to look past those pizza giants, though, and recommend the “David” of pizza chains, if you will. That chain—Marco’s Pizza—is the only pizza chain in America’s top 25 to be founded by a native Italian. I call it the “David” among the pizza “giants” because, despite only covering thirty-five of the fifty United States, Marco’s stands unique in its Italian flavor—flavor, I must add, that’s earned the franchise multiple awards and sent its nationwide franchise growth skyrocketing.

In other words, when I order Marco’s, I get the customobility of rival companies, but with an authentic Italian twist topping it all off. Whether you want to literally build your pizza from the crust up, or order one of Marco’s pre-configured concoctions like Garden or Chicken Florentine, you’ll get a pizza made exactly how your tastes buds like it.

Beyond the toppings, Marco offers five different cooking styles, giving you more options than “thin” or “thick” crust; I’m talking everything from deep pan, to classic. Those with specifics dietary concerns can even request a Gluten-free dough.

If you’re not craving pizza at the moment, then Marco’s has plenty of alternatives—subs, wings, salads, and meatball bake. To be quite honest, I’ve never tried their other wares (outside of breadsticks, which I’ll get to in a minute) because the pizza is so good I hardly have an appetite for anything else.

I always bring a friend along when I eat out. At Marco’s, this often results in a shared pizza where half of the saucer is my personal favorite (White Cheezy or Hawaiian) and the other half is my friend’s (usually something like BBQ Chicken or Meat Supremo). It’s no trouble at all for Marco’s to create a 50/50 pizza such as this—in fact, it seems like the norm—and no matter the bizarre, opposing flavors selected, the pizza always tastes unique on each respective side with the flavor staying within its own boundaries.

marcos pizza review

The ingredients are fresh and lively. The green pepper is crunchy, the sausage juicy but not fatty, the onions sweet, and the feta cheese thick and moist with just the right amount of “baked” flavor. Marco’s isn’t a franchise that I walk away from feeling “greasy.” The pizza crust is soft—not tough—and even the thin, crispy crust avoids any sort of cardboard, “freezer box” aftertaste.

Despite its success in pizza, though, Marco’s avoids the temptation to slack on its appetizers and other dishes. Even Marco’s bread sticks are in their A-game. Made fresh-to-order, the breadsticks come out steaming, but not burn-your-fingertips hot. Pulled apart in tender strips, its middle reveals three layers of cheese. Topped with Parmesan and Roma seasoning and laced with garlic butter, it’s the ideal sidekick for your pizza. Did I mention the dipping sauces? Whether you go with ranch, garlic butter, or pizza sauce, the one thing you can’t do is go wrong. Once you run out of bread, the pizza crust is the perfect way to finish up your dipping sauce.

Marco’s offers takeout, but I’ve always opted to eat in, simply because I love eating my pizza fresh. Outside of a few paintings and maybe a widescreen television or two, there’s nothing particularly original about the restaurant interior itself, but the staff is most always pleasant and eager, and the pizza tastes best when it’s closest to the ovens.

So why geek out about Marco’s Pizza?

00_bigger_versionBecause if you’re in the 91-93% that eats pizza on a monthly basis, you deserve some delicious, authentic Italian crust that’s not going to leave you feeling like you’ve just eaten a greasy piece of cardboard.

That and, well, if you are a geek, there’s a good chance you like anime. That makes Marco’s the obvious choice for post-Con dining after a long day wearing your Attack on Titan uniform. Who knows? Maybe your order will even be half-off that evening.

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