Marvel Comics’ Power Pack (Unaired Television Pilot)

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Power Pack
(Unaired TV Pilot)
Marvel Comics/New World Television

The Power Pack was first published by Marvel Comics in 1984. It was about a team of four young siblings who were granted special powers and abilities. They were the first team of preteen heroes in the Marvel Universe, and the first in comics to operate with no adult supervision.  The original comic ran until 1990, due to dramatic changes in the storyline. By that same time, Marvel was partnered with New World Television; who had some success with the three made-for-TV movies on “The Incredible Hulk”. And now, they wanted to expand the Marvel Universe to television with a half-hour pilot episode.

The pilot episode introduces us to the Power family:  James, Maggie, and their four children; Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie. They have just moved into a new neighborhood, and are adjusting to life in this new town; and are reminded by their father just how the kids’ can adjust to use their abilities and powers As the children adjust to life at school, Jack meets up with two other students who dare him to enter a haunted house once owned by Dr. Mobius, a character who was the Power Pack’s main adversary in the comics. Over the course of their stroll through the house, they discovered a portrait of Dr. Mobius that includes a decoration made of gold; but they get scared by the other objects in this house, and the decoration falls off the portrait. Jack picks it up, and takes it back home.

Over the course of the story, the Power Pack realizes that this decoration is causing a series of scattered adverse weather conditions throughout the town’ and they must return it back to the house of Dr. Mobius. As they encounter the haunted spirits within, they each fight back with their abilities: Alex possesses super strength and the power of flight, Julie has super speed, Jack can be able to shrink down in size, and young Katie had harnessed pure energy, that she uses to help return the decoration back onto the painting.

The half-hour pilot was intended to be a part of NBC’s Saturday Morning lineup in the fall of 1991; but unfortunately the pilot wasn’t sold by the network. It would re-appear several times during children’s programming on the FOX network in the form of a Saturday morning special. Despite the failure of the selling of this pilot, it still remains a cult favorite for those who saw it. And it gave hope to those who created the comic, which had a rebirth in 2005 and ran for five years before it ended its run in 2010. It should be noted that with this pilot, although it was a less-than-known effort to do a show about super-powered kids, it was a start to the expansion of what we know as The Marvel Universe. It would take time to realize it, but it would be achieved.


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