Marvel Legends 2012 Dark Wolverine Unmasked

8.7 Overall Score
Sculpt: 7/10
Paint: 10/10
Articulation: 10/10

Bright comic-like packaging | Mohawked headsculpt | Detailed mask & belt | Perfect paint job | 35+ POA | 100% comic accuracy

Low quality plastic | Lack of accessories

Recently brought back by Hasbro in 2012, The Return of Marvel Legends is already in it’s 2nd wave. Wave 2 (Arnim Zola series) includes Dark Wolverine (Unmasked variant), Thunderball (Piledriver variant), Bucky Cap, Drax, Fantomex, Madame Masque, Madame Hydra (Viper variant), Big Time Spider-Man (Future Foundation variant). All of the figures except for Spider-Man include a BAF piece of Arnim Zola w/ Red Skull variant pieces.



If you plan on keepin’ this guy MOC, you won’t be disappointed. Really bright labeling gives the package a very comic-like feel. Card back shows off some awesome art by Marvel’s Ed McGuinness while also featuring the rest of the figures in Wave 2. My only (small) complaint is that the packaging is a little too busy, there’s so many labels that it looks like it’s ready for a Nascar race. Sometimes simple is better, that being said it’s really nice packaging that displays the figure well. Very interesting that the Marvel Universe branding from the 3.75″ line is also being used for the Marvel Legends figures.




Body re-uses some pieces of the TRU two-pack Deadpool. Excellent detailing on the bone claws and boots. I’m a big fan of this all-new headsculpt showing off Daken’s mohawk. His pulled down mask is a neat little movable piece that’s clipped over his neck and his belt isn’t molded on but is actually a separate piece (nice touch). Maybe it’s just me but my complaint about this sculpt is that the plastic feels kind’ve cheap. It’s not just the head and claws that are slightly bendable, hopefully it’s a fluke and not a cost cutting move.




The paint job on this figure is phenomenal to say the least. The lines of his outfit are all crisp and smooth. Nice detailing on the gloves and belt. Even Daken’s lame tribal tattoo is painted perfectly. Zero paint complaints.




35+ points of articulation! He’s got swivel thighs, calves, waist, forearms, biceps & shoulders. Double-jointed wrists, elbows, knees & rocker ankles. Ball jointed head, hips & shoulders and hinged neck, feet & abs. I’m no expert on anatomy so i’m probably missing some joints but Hasbro didn’t miss any articulation on this one. Anything else and he’d probably become un-pose able  because it would just fall over.



Daken doesn’t come with any accessories but includes a the left arm BAF piece of Arnim Zola. While i’m a fan of BAF figures and would like to see the feature implemented in other lines (like 3.75″ Marvel Universe), I feel more should’ve been included here. The only difference between the regular and variant versions of this figure is the unmasked head, which could have easily been added in as a bonus piece. Anyways, with the BAF piece you also get a fold-out sheeting showing how to build Arnim Zola and it tells a story on the other side.


Comic Book Accuracy


Dark Wolverine is actually Wolverine’s son Daken. As a member of Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers and for the majority of Daken’s appearances he would wear Wolverine’s old outfit as featured on this figure. I’ve read people complaining that this figure isn’t accurate because he doesn’t have the 3rd (wrist) claw. Shortly after Siege, Daken’s Muramasa blade coated-wrist claws were ripped out by Wolverine while he was unconscious. The mohawk, the tattoo, the bone claws, the old Wolverine outfit, all Daken. This figure has 100% comic accuracy.




While a lot of people dislike the son of Wolverine, it’s really hard not to like this figure. Simple yet solid sculpt, beyond excellent articulation and another member of the fan favorite Dark Avengers make this a nice release. For you 6″ scale lovers, it would be nice to see Iron Patriot and more members of the team released in future Marvel Legends waves. While Hasbro’s been putting out some quality figures for their return of Marvel Legends, I think i’ll stick to the smaller scale of their 3.75″ Marvel Universe line.


A big thanks goes out to Scott for sending me this. The Return of Marvel Legends can be found at Target, TRU, Walmart and of course check your LCS.


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  • MarvelWalker

    Zowie! A much liked review! And I agree with you about the lack of accessories and low quality plastic. This line could have been much better; I think some of the characters were just slack, and lazy. Marvel Universe already has a Klaw figure, and who cares about Hope and Constrictor?

    • Michael “Mike” Favata

      Thanks! I’m stickin’ with the 3.75″ Marvel Universe until they cancel it. The Legends/6″ stuff just isn’t for me.