Marvel Universe Masters of Evil

7.8 Overall Score
Sculpt: 8/10
Paint: 10/10
Articulation: 8/10

Fantastic packaging with Mike Deodato Jr. art | Great re-use of parts for Zemo | Excellent paint | Translucent green plastic for Radioactive Man | Zemo & Tiger Shark highly articulated | Near 100% comic accuracy for entire pack | Three brand new characters | Three much needed villains

Tiger Shark's body is too big | Radioactive Man's tunic hinders articulation | Zemo can't use his accessories | Should have been released at retail

Masters of Evil

Marvel’s Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man, Tiger Shark

Manufacturer Hasbro

Line Marvel Universe

Assortment Team Packs

Year 2012

Series/Wave SDCC Exclusive

Retail $29.99

Since the Marvel Universe line debuted in 2009, Hasbro has released exclusives every year to San Diego Comic Con. This year’s Marvel Universe releases were a Masters of Evil Team Pack and the Super Helicarrier with Captain America & Maria Hill. There was also supposed to be an exclusive Orange Fin Fang Foom but it was put on hold in favor of the Avengers-related Helicarrier.


The Masters of Evil are packaged in the same type of box the rest of the team packs have been released in. Fantastic box art on the front, back & side by Marvel artist Mike Deodato Jr. Figures are displayed well with an open window on the front. Back of the box has a small bio and has a picture of Nick Fury trying to sell you the SDCC Exclusive Super Hellicarrier. Unlike the other team packs the Marvel Universe logo and border is in a metallic silver. There’s also a SDCC sticker on the front to show it’s an exclusive. If you’re a MOC collector this one will look great displayed. Hell it even looks cool from the side with the big Masters of Evil logo.



Baron Zemo uses the Wave 14 Doctor Strange body with a new head sculpt. The body is perfect for Zemo with the detailed sleeves. His head sculpt is simple but effective with his crown and scowl. His sculpt is enhanced by some removable pieces including fur on his boots, a belt and his chest piece. The only problem with his chest piece is that it’s not glued on so it pops up frequently, this can be solved with an unseen piece of tape. This is a great use of parts to create a much needed villain for the Marvel Universe.

Radioactive Man is an interesting mix of parts. He uses the body from Secret Wars Thunderball but he uses a brand new head sculpt. While the head sculpt is brand new, it was made for the upcoming Professor X (Wave 21). Radioactive Man has a tunic that is molded onto his body. While the tunic causes some articulation problems, it looks great and adds detail to an otherwise boring sculpt.

Tiger Shark uses the very large Wave 13 Cable body with a brand new head sculpt. The body is simple but effective for a muscular character. My only complaint is that it makes Tiger Shark too big, I mean he’s now one of the bigger figures in the entire Marvel Universe. His brand new head sculpt is amazing, especially the sharp toothed evil grin he’s giving. His shark fin is attached to the head and doesn’t really hinder any movement.



Baron Zemo has a duller paint job but it works well. His body is cast in purple with his belt, gloves and boots a painted yellow. His chest piece and head are colored with his trademark purplish-pink. There’s also nice detailing for the fur on the boots & chest piece.

The only painted pieces on Radioactive Man are his boots and his molded on tunic. It doesn’t sound like much but this figure didn’t need a lot of paint because he’s entirely cast in a green tinted translucent plastic. It’s simple but very effective, this looks like a guy powered by radiation.

Tiger Shark’s paint job is glossy. The orange is bright and the purple has a nice metallic shine to it. His face and teeth are painted well. It’s surprising for how detailed the purple parts of his suit are that there isn’t any defects. Fantastic quality control on this one.



Baron Zemo with the Doctor Strange body has a ridiculous 27+ POA. Double-jointed knees and rocker ankles. Hinged elbows and ball-jointed head, hips, neck (hinged), shoulders (with cuts) & torso. Cut boots, waist, thighs & wrists (with swivels). 100% perfect articulation.

Radioactive Man using the Secret Wars Thunderball body, has 22+ POA. Ball-jointed neck, hips and ball-hinged torso, shoulders & ankles. Double-hinged knees & hinged elbows. Swivel wrists & biceps. His tunic piece makes the torso articulation useless and severely hinders hip movement. While it’s an annoyance, it’s still adequate.

Tiger Shark has 25+ POA thanks to the Cable body (which is a bigger version of the Jim Lee Cyclops). Double-jointed knees and rocker ankles. Hinged elbows and ball-jointed head, hips, neck (hinged), shoulders (with cuts) & torso. Cut boots, waist, wrist & thighs. This underwater tank has all the articulation you could possibly need.



Unfortunately this pack only comes with two accessories, both of which belong to Baron Zemo. I say unfortunately because Zemo can’t use either of them. Between a mixture of his hands being open too much and the handles being too small, they fall right out of his hands. And this is more of a sculpt complaint, but it would’ve been nice to have a holster and a sheath so he could at least carry and display his useless weaponry.

It would also have been nice if Radioactive Man had some energy effects included. Overall, the accessories will probably be the only major complaint about this pack.


Comic Book Accuracy

Baron Zemo is 100% classic comic book accurate. This is Helmut Zero, the son of the original Baron Zemo who created the original Masters of Evil. Helmut did end up wearing a different costume when he created the Thunderbolts and for some of his more current appearances. That being said, when people think Baron Zemo… this is the version that comes to mind.

Radioactive Man looks 100% accurate to his classic appearances. The tunic, the boots, the glowing skin… all perfect. He changed costumes for the Civil War-era Thunderbolts when he wore a Radiation suit.

Tiger Shark is nearly accurate to his classic comic look. The only problems are the spikes missing from his legs and gloves and the fact that his body is a bit larger than he’s supposed to be.

Here’s a fun fact, while all the figures are very accurate to the comics, this team pack isn’t. Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man & Tiger Shark were all Masters of Evil but all three of them were never on the same team. Think of this as a “best of” the Masters of Evil and not a specific team.



A Marvel Universe team pack with three new characters and all of them are villains? Yep, it’s a wonderful thing indeed. It’s a shame that this was an exclusive, I believe it would be a quick seller at retail. I still think it’ll end up being released with a non-translucent Radioactive Man. It just wouldn’t make any sense to put this much effort into a team pack and keep it exclusive to one convention. I collect pretty much every villain released for Marvel Universe, so needless to say i’ll be keeping all three of these guys. If you’re a team builder like me, you should like the fact that in addition to the Masters of Evil, this gives us members for the Lethal Legion, the Offenders & the Thunderbolts.


Since I couldn’t go to SDCC, the only other option was to stalk Hasbro’s online store. After checking multiple times everyday and hitting F5 more times than I can count, I managed to score a set. With their inventory selling out in the first 15 minutes or so, you’ll only be able to find this on the secondary market (unless Hasbro re-releases it).

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  1. MFCFU August 8, 2012 at 11:32 am - Reply

    Why is Radioactive Man so skinny? :-/

    • Mike Favata August 8, 2012 at 12:16 pm - Reply

      He’s a bit small but I think it’s more noticeable because Tiger Shark is so big.

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