Marvel Universe Spider-Man vs. Dr. Doom

7.7 Overall Score
Sculpt: 8/10
Paint: 8/10
Articulation: 7/10

Mike Deodato Jr. artwork | New sculpt for Spider-Man | Detailed paint for Spider-Man | Excellent articulation for Spider-Man | Appropriately included comic | 100% comic book accuracy for both figures | Nearly complete Future Foundation team

No Doom on artwork | Difficult to open packaging | Paint issues with Doom | Doom's poor articulation | Lack of accessories

Black Costume Spider-Man vs. Dr. Doom

Manufacturer Hasbro

Line Marvel Universe

Assortment Greatest Battles Comic Packs

Year 2012

Series/Wave Toys”R”Us Exclusive

Retail $19.99

Black Costume Spider-Man vs. Dr. Doom recently debuted at San Diego Comic Con and is quickly being released to Toys”R”Us stores. This TRU exclusive Greatest Battles Comic Packs wave also included Spider-Man vs. Rhino. In addition to the Spider-Man packs there is also 2 X-Men Vs. Avengers themed packs which include Magneto & Captain America and Wolverine & She-Hulk.


Like the majority of recent and upcoming Marvel Universe releases, this one features Spider-Man drawn by Marvel artist Mike Deodato Jr. This wave is definitely focused on Spider-Man because Doom isn’t featured on the artwork. TRU sticker on the front to show it’s a store exclusive. Card back has a small bio and features the Spider-Man/Rhino pack that was also released in the wave. Behind the included comic there is a brand new background featuring various Marvel characters including Black Cat who has never been released or announced by Hasbro. Don’t get your hopes up though, it’s generic stock art that’s used for all sorts of Marvel brand products. My only real complaint is how hard it was to remove Doom from the package. You have to either cut the plastic off around him or remove his head because they shoved his cape through a very small opening. If you’re a MOC collector this package would display well.



Spider-Man uses the improved Jim Lee Cyclops body from Wave 17 with a brand new head sculpt. The new head sculpt is simple but effective. The large eyes are sculpted onto the face and stand out well once painted. The only complaint is that the sculpt is a little too bulky and muscular for Spider-Man but it’s not a deal breaker.

Doctor Doom re-uses the entire sculpt from the previous Secret Wars & Wave 14 releases. The previous releases also used the arms and legs of Secret Wars Ultron. You can see the indentations on the shoulders where Ultron’s armor would snap on. Doom’s tunic is rough looking and features plenty of detailing to the point that it looks like fabric. Doom’s belt & gun holster is molded onto the lower tunic. The hooded head sculpt is still fantastic and features plenty of detail on the face. Behind the cape Doom’s jet pack is molded on, it’s a nice touch. A downside of this sculpt is that Doom’s hand can’t hold his included pistol, who cares though because Doom doesn’t really need a gun anyways.



With the large amount of detailed lines in Spider-Man’s costume, I figured there would be all sorts of paint issues. Nope, he’s perfect. The white lines look really bright and pop out on the black background. With the amount of lines, this quality could be a fluke so i’d recommend buying this one in person.

Doom’s cape and tunic look awesome in white and they a light wash which gives him a very worn look. The armor and face and have a metallic look without being too shiny. The blue lines on the armor (like Ultron & the Secret Wars releases) don’t really mesh with the white outfit. Unlike the figure shown on the back of the package, Doom’s mouth is not painted. As far as QC issues go, he’s got some paint smudges around the belt, but it’s not that noticeable. Complaints aside, it’s still a decent paint job.



With the Jim Lee Cyclops body, Spider-Man now has 25+ POA.  Double-jointed knees and rocker ankles. Hinged elbows and ball-jointed head, hips, neck (hinged), shoulders (with cuts) & torso. Cut boots, waist, wrist & thigh cuts.  It’s mind-boggling that it’s taken this long for the Marvel Universe line to have a highly articulated Spider-Man, especially given the fact that he’s had an insane amount of figures released.

The re-used Doom/Ultron body gives the Doctor 22+ POA. Ball-hinged shoulders & torso. Ball-jointed ankles, head & hips. Swivel wrists & biceps. Double-hinged knees & hinged elbows. Doom’s tunic makes the hips very hard to pose and his arms feel like they will be ripped off when you move the shoulders. While i’m a fan of this Doom, his articulation is seriously lacking.



The included comic book is FF #4 (2011), a nice choice because it features both Doom & Spider-Man. I also believe that this was the only issue that Spider-Man used the black version of his Future Foundation costume that the figure is based on.

Spider-Man comes with a snap-on web string that’s molded in clear plastic. It’s the same web accessory that nearly every Marvel Universe Spider-Man figure has come with. It looks alright in poses but I think they over did it with all the bunched up web near the wrist.

Doctor Doom comes with the same Mauser pistol that was included with his Secret Wars release. It’s cool looking but doesn’t fit in his hand and like I said before, does Doom really need a gun? Doom’s cape is also removable if you take his head off, that’s something I guess.

Like the majority of comic packs, the accessories are lacking.


Comic Book Accuracy

While Spider-Man’s black Future Foundation costume may not look familiar it’s 100% comic book accurate. The suit’s unstable molecules allow the colors to be changed instantly and the team would switch to the black costumes for stealth missions. Like I previously said, I believe the included comic is the only time Spider-Man used the stealth colors. It’s kind of a nod to the Fantastic Four’s old Negative Zone costumes that featured the blacks and whites reversed.

Doctor Doom is also 100% comic book accurate. While the Fantastic Four underwent drastic costume changes in their transition to the Future Foundation, Doom simply changed the color of his cape & tunic from green to white. Funny enough, that’s all Hasbro had to do to make this figure.



In addition to Doctor Doom, Spider-Man is also technically a repaint. White costume Future Foundation Spider-Man that was supposed to be released earlier in Wave 19 but all the figures were delayed because of the Avengers movie figures and distribution problems. Surprisingly for a comic pack with two repaints I still recommend picking it up. Some may dislike repaints but if it keeps the Marvel Universe line going and gives us needed costumes, I have no problem with it. The Future Foundation‘s main team is now complete with the addition of Doctor Doom and Spider-Man. It’s very rare for a comic pack to add 2 members to a team, I believe the only one was the Dark Avengers pack with Daken & Venom. While this Spider-Man is a fantastic figure, i’m going to wait for the Wave 19 release. I just like the white costume more. Doctor Doom on the other hand will be joining my Future Foundation for sure. I’d really like to see Hasbro release Dragon Man, Nathaniel Richards and even Franklin & Valeria.


I have not been able to find these locally but the packs are starting to show up in select Toys”R”Us stores. If you can’t find them, don’t worry because TRU exclusives usually end up peg warming and should be available on their web site.

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