Marvel Universe Thanos & Adam Warlock

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Sculpt: 9/10
Paint: 9/10
Articulation: 9/10

Quality packaging w/ great Mike Deodato Jr. artwork | Large body perfect for Thanos | All-new sinister Thanos headsculpt | Adam Warlock uses Jim Lee Cyclops body | Improved paint job on Thanos | Bright metallic colors | 25+ POA for both figures | Infinity Gauntlet accessory | 100% comic accuracy for both figures

Adam Warlock's long neck | Sloppy paint apps on Thanos eyes | No gauntlet for Thanos

Thanos & Adam Warlock were released in Wave 6 of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Packs. Wave 6 which also included Gambit & Mister Sinister came out in early 2012 but just recently hit major retailers.



Packaging features more great artwork from Marvel artist Mike Deodato Jr, I really hope he continues to do the art for Marvel Universe in the future. The comic and figures are displayed well in the open window, card back shows off figures from Wave 5 and 6. Marvel Universe usually has great packaging for you MOC types and this is no exception.





Thanos re-uses the body sculpt from his Wave 11 release but with an all-new very sinister looking headsculpt. Thanos now has  a very evil looking grin that improves upon the previous release. This body is a tank and works well for Marvel’s larger characters. Not too many details but the gloves and boots look good and the added shoulder piece is a nice touch.

Adam Warlock uses the improved Jim Lee Cyclops body from Wave 17 with a brand new headsculpt. Lots of detailing in the hair and the face looks good. No details were added to the body sculpt, it’s bare and very simple but works for the character. Warlock has a ridiculously long neck to make room for his cape.





Improving on his previous release, Thanos is now a dark blue and the gold pieces are bright and metallic. Another difference from the previous release is the coloring of the face and the gold lines added to his chest, back & crotch. Thanos’s eyes are painted a little sloppy but this is still a great paint job.

Adam Warlock has a simple yet effective paintjob with glossy black for his body and metallic red for his arms and legs. Warlock’s cape is a dull yellow with bright red on the back. The black around his eyes give them a spooky sunken in look and it’s awesome. Overall it’s fantastic paint for Adam Warlock.





For an older sculpt, Thanos has a surprising 25+ POA. Ball-jointed head on a hinge/swivel neck. Swivel/hinge shoulders with swivel biceps. Hinged elbows & rocker ankles and an ab-crunch. Thigh & boot cuts and double jointed knees. His head is a little difficult to pose because of his neck and his shoulder piece but it’s not a huge problem. Plenty of articulation.

Adam Warlock has 25+ POA you get from the improved Cyclops body.  Double-jointed knees and rocker ankles. Hinged elbows and ball-jointed head, hips, neck (hinged) & shoulders (with cuts). Ab-crunch and boots, waist, wrist & thigh cuts. All the bells and whistles and then some. Warlock’s ready to take on the galaxy in any number of dynamic poses.





This comic pack comes with The Infinity Gauntlet #3 (1993), a fitting choice since both Adam Warlock and Thanos are it’s main characters. This pack’s accessories are all Adam Warlock’s. He’s got a removable cape and his trademark staff. The staff’s plastic is really easy to bend but it looks cool. The main piece though is a snap-on Infinity Gauntlet that fits nearly any regular sized Marvel Universe figure. A similar Gauntlet is being included with the Subscription exclusive Unmasked Doctor Doom figure. The glove doesn’t cover all of the hand so it takes some creative posing to look right when used. My only complaint is that Thanos didn’t come with an additional gloved hand with the Infinity Gauntlet like his previous release. It would look off if you use the previous Gauntlet glove because this Thanos has a different paint job.


Comic Book Accuracy



Thanos is 100% comic book accurate thanks to the simple addition of gold to the crotch and the striping on his chest and back. The darker blue and brighter gold also reflect his most recent appearances.

Also 100% comic accurate, this is the classic look for Adam Warlock. The colors, the cape (with skull) are all perfect. Even Adam Warlock’s wavy hair was perfectly captured for this figure.





This pack includes a re-used sculpt to improve upon it’s previous release (Thanos) and a first time Marvel Universe character on a modern body (Adam Warlock). Thanos will be replacing the previous version in my collection. I’d prefer the modern Guardians of the Galaxy Warlock for my collection but this is still a great figure with a fun Infinity Gauntlet accessory. This is one of the best Greatest Battles comic packs Hasbro has ever released and I hope they continue this kind of quality for future waves.


I found this one at Walmart but Wave 6 should also be at Target. As usual, make sure to check your LCS.

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  1. Jesus_G May 29, 2012 at 1:16 am - Reply

    Waaaaay better than Gambit & Mr. Sinister. Thanos is damn near perfect.

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