Marvel Universe Victor von Doom

7.8 Overall Score
Sculpt: 8/10
Paint: 10/10
Articulation: 6/10

Awesome artwork on shipping box | Doom body sculpt is still great | Excellent paint

It's not Secret Wars Doom | Re-use of Steve Rogers head | Poor articulation | Infinity Gauntlet doesn't fit | Questionable comic accuracy

Victor von Doom

Manufacturer Hasbro

Line Marvel Universe

Year 2011 (NYCC), 2012 (Subscription)

Series/Wave Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Exclusive

Retail Free with Subscription

Since 2009 Hasbro has partnered up with Marvel to release an exclusive figure for signing up for Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited service. The previous releases were Nick Fury in 2009 and X-Force Archangel in 2010. 2011 was supposed to be Victor von Doom but he was only released in a limited supply at NYCC 2011. At SDCC 2012 it was announced that Victor von Doom was finally being released as the subscription exclusive.


The back of the shipping box featured a large image of Doom from Secret Wars #12 by Mike Zeck. The same Secret Wars artwork is reversed on the front packaging. Doom looks especially menacing but the figure isn’t his costume from Secret Wars so it doesn’t make that much sense. The back of the card appears to be from Wave 16 with the selection of figures and Steve Rogers as the mascot. Back of the card also has a small bio on Doom. Opening the mailbox to find a package with Doctor Doom on the side of it makes up for any packaging complaints.




Victor von Doom re-uses the body from his Secret Wars release (which also used Ultron’s arms and legs). Doom’s head sculpt is the same as Wave 15’s Steve Rogers. Doom’s tunic has a rough textured look that gives it the appearance of fabric. The belt & gun holster are molded onto the lower half of the tunic. The back of the tunic features a molded on jet pack.  The armored arms & legs look fantastic as their previous releases with intricate lines. The indentations from where Ultron’s armor would snap are slightly distracting. As far as Doom/Steve Rogers head sculpt goes, it looks good but it’s still weird to me to see them sharing the same head.



Doom’s body has the exact same paint job as his Wave 14 release. Light wash on the tunic to give it a worn look. Body armor for is a light metallic silver with black lines, it looks much better than the blue lines of the Secret Wars and Greatest Battles releases.  The hair on the Steve Rogers head sculpt is now brown and a red scar has been painted on the cheek. While this figure may have flaws, paint isn’t one of them. Surprisingly there’s no quality control issues either.





Victor von Doom’s Secret Wars body features 22+ POA. Ball-hinged shoulders & torso. Ball-jointed ankles, head & hips. Swivel wrists & biceps. Double-hinged knees & hinged elbows. Doom’s tunic restricts the hip movement making the legs difficult to pose. Doom’s shoulders are also hard to move, it’s pretty much impossible to get his arms to stay at their side. It’s a nice looking sculpt but it definitely has issues with articulation.





A figure stand? Haven’t seen one of those since Wave 16! The stand is numbered 27 and says Victor von Doom instead of Dr. Doom. I gave up on the Marvel stands since only half of the figures would come with them anyways. Victor comes with the same clip-on Infinity Gauntlet that was included with the Adam Warlock comic pack. This time the gauntlet has a more metallic looking paint job instead of the bright yellow. While it may look cool, it barely fits on Doom’s hand. If it counts as an accessory, Doom’s cape is removable and snaps onto his back. This time you don’t have to remove his head to take the cape off. I guess an obsolete stand and a glove that doesn’t fit is better than no accessories at all, right?


Comic Book Accuracy

Doom’s armor, cape & tunic is perfect comic accuracy for the majority of his appearances. His face on the other hand is questionable. Originally it was stated that Doom’s face was only lightly scarred but he was so vain that he refused to show anyone. At one point he heated his mask and put it on before it cooled to purposely disfigure his face even further. That being said this figure shows his face healed and only lightly scarred. Does the Steve Rogers head even look like Victor von Doom? Yes, it’s close enough to work but it’s not great. At least they painted his hair brown. Overall this isn’t perfect but it works for an unmasked Doom.



It was pretty lazy to slap a Steve Rogers head on Doom and call it an exclusive but it’s really not that bad of a figure. This one is pretty much for the MOC types, the majority of the work definitely went into the packaging. Unless you’re a huge fan of Doom (which I am), then you can just stick to the Secret Wars, Wave 14 or Greatest Battles releases. For all the complaints, this figure was still worth the $5.17 shipping cost since I wanted a MCDU subscription anyways. It’s a nice service having an a large chunk of the Marvel library available to read whenever you want. This past weekend I re-read Avengers: The Initiative and caught up on Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, War of Kings, Shadowland & Siege.


From what I understand the next subscription figure will be Wolverine from the Old Man Logan storyline. Old Man Logan will be available first at NYCC 2012 and should be available to new subscribers after the convention.

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