Marvel Universe Wave 18 Beta-Ray Bill

9 Overall Score
Sculpt: 10/10
Paint: 10/10
Articulation: 9/10

Nice packaging w/ Ed McGuinness artwork | Newly sculpted & highly detailed head, legs & hands | Amazing paint job | Solid articulation | Stormbreaker accessory | Near perfect comic accuracy | Adds to Annihilators roster

Lacks rocker ankles | Collectible comic shot

Beta-Ray Bill

Manufacturer Hasbro

Line Marvel Universe

Year 2012

Series/Wave Series 4 Wave 18 #011

Retail $9.99

Beta-Ray Bill is part of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe 2012 Series 4 Wave 18. Wave 18 also includes Hulk, Spider-Man (w/ Miles Morales Variant), Kraven the Hunter & Beast.


Packaging artwork for Wave 18 is drawn by Marvel artist Ed McGuinness. Beta Ray’s art looks exceptionally awesome. Figure is displayed nicely in the plastic shell. Card back features Rocket Raccoon as this Wave’s mascot and shows off more figures from Wave 18. Back of the card also has a small bio on Beta Ray Bill. More nice packaging for the MOC folks.





Beta Ray Bill uses the torso & arms of the Secret Wars Thor but that’s where the re-used parts end. Bill features a brand new head sculpt which looks fantastic, the helmet and teeth have excellent detailing. Also new are Bill’s four-fingered hands and highly intricate armored legs. This mix of parts makes for a nice looking larger sculpt without being too bulky.






Bright metallic blue for the shoulder pads and thigh armor. A silverish-blue for the chest discs and lines. Dulled gold for the belt and boots. Metallic silver for the helmet. Face and arms are cast in a brownish-orange that works well for Bill’s skin. You really wouldn’t expect a character like Bill to have such a colorful paint job but he really does. Quite possibly the best paint job in Wave 18, Bill looks amazing.



Beta Ray Bill features a mighty 22+ POA. Ball-jointed neck, hips and ball-hinged torso, shoulders & ankles. Double-hinged knees & hinged elbows. Swivel thighs, waist, wrists, biceps & jaw. Beta Ray Bill’s jaw articulation is a first for the Marvel Universe line. The last 3.75″ Marvel figure with mouth movement was the Spider-Man line’s Sewer Clash Lizard. The only articulation complaint would be the lack of rocker ankles.





Skipping the “collectible comic shot” piece of cardboard… Bill comes with his trademark hammer Stormbreaker. Stormbreaker is as important to Beta Ray Bill as Mjolnir is to Thor. Stormbreaker is cast in a soft slightly bendable plastic, but it works. If you want to count it as an accessory, Bill’s cape is removeable and the shoulder pads are attached to it.





Comic Book Accuracy

Was Thor magically transformed into a horse by Loki? Nope, it’s Beta Ray Bill! This figure is nearly 100% comic accurate for both Beta Ray’s classic & modern appearances. Beta Ray Bill’s face, armor & Stormbreaker are all perfect for this worthy Asgardian-powered Korbinite. Beta Ray Bill had a minor costume change after Secret Invasion where the armor featured more gold. But as of recent he’s back to the look his Wave 18 figure used.



With his fantastic sculpt and paint job, it’s not that surprising that Beta Ray Bill is in my opinion the best of Wave 18. While Beta Ray Bill hasn’t been on many teams, he adds another member to the Annhilators roster (still need Ronan & Quasar). If you’re a fan of Thor, Marvel’s cosmic side or just like a great looking action figure, you should pick up Beta Ray Bill.




After the long drought since Wave 17 was last released, I really didn’t feel like waiting for retail. I pre-ordered all of Wave 18 from ToyWiz and it arrived days after it was released, excellent service. Wave 18 is just starting to hit retail so you can start checking all the usual stores.

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