Marvel Universe Wave 18 Hulk

8.2 Overall Score
Sculpt: 10/10
Paint: 9/10
Articulation: 10/10

Excellent Hulk-smashed packaging with Ed McGuinness art | New Hulk sculpt | Paint wash gives a battle-hardened look | Highly articulated | 100% comic accuracy for modern Hulk

Eye paint issues | No rocker ankles | A piece of cardboard is not an accessory | 2nd of at least 3 releases for the same figure


Manufacturer Hasbro

Line Marvel Universe

Assortment Basic

Year 2012

Series/Wave Series 4 Wave 18 #007

Retail $9.99

Hulk is part of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe 2012 Series 4 Wave 18. Wave 18 also includes Spider-Man (w/ Miles Morales Variant), Kraven the Hunter, Beta Ray Bill & Beast. This Hulk is nearly identical to the one included in the Walmart Avengers Comic Collection #02.


Packaging features artwork from Marvel artist Ed McGuinness. Figure is displayed nicely in the plastic shell. If you look at the side of the shell there’s what appears to be cracks in the plastic as if Hulk was trying to escape. The Hulk smashed packaging has to be a first for the line. Card back features Rocket Raccoon as this Wave’s mascot and shows off some of the other figures. The back also has a small bio on the Hulk. The Marvel Universe line continues to have nice packaging so you MOC collectors should be pleased.




This was supposed to be the first release of the brand new Hulk sculpt but delays in the line ended up seeing it released in the Walmart pack first. So yes, it’s technically a re-used sculpt (with pieces of Wave 12’s World War Hulk) but it’s a fantastic one. His scarred muscles look more like a rough animal hide. Very detailed ripped pants. Savage head sculpt with a very menacing scowl. One of the best sculpts the Marvel Universe line has ever released.





It’s pretty much the exact same paint as the Walmart pack. A very light wash over his dark green skin and purple pants give him a dirty battle-hardened look. One of the eyes is a little off because the paint was missed on the pupile but that’s more of a quality control issue. Excellent job on the teeth, they stand out on an otherwise dark looking figure. QC issues aside, this is an excellent paint job.





The very Incredible new Hulk features 24+ POA. Swivel/cut wrists, waist, biceps & thighs. Swivel/hinge ankles, shoulders. Swivel neck & elbows. Ball-jointed head & torso. Double-hinged knees. Other than lacking rocker ankles it would be nice if the elbows could be slightly improved. When the arm is bent they stick out and look a bit off. The complaints are minor, this is fantastic articulation.



The only accessory included is a “collectible comic shot”. When I say collectible comic shot I mean a piece of cardboard with a comic cover printed on it. Yep, the only accessory is a small piece of cardboard. Moving on.






Comic Book Accuracy

It’s not too hard to make a comic book accurate Hulk. Huge with green skin and ripped purple pants, this figure has all of those things. The no-eyebrows look fits his modern appearances right before Planet Hulk started. Overall this is an accurate modern Hulk, no complaints.



This is the second of at least three releases for the new Hulk and would be a great pickup if you missed out on the Walmart pack. The fans wanted a near perfect modern Hulk and they got it, this is a fantastic figure indeed. If you’re a team builder, he’ll look great with the rest of the Defenders. The only reason i’d say not to pick this up is the fact this Hulk will be released in Greatest Battles Wave 7 with an improved paint job.




After the long drought since Wave 17 was last released, I really didn’t feel like waiting for retail. I pre-ordered all of Wave 18 from ToyWiz and it arrived days after it was released, excellent service. Wave 18 is just starting to hit retail so you can start checking all the usual stores.

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