Marvel Universe Wave 18 Spider-Man Variant

7.2 Overall Score
Sculpt: 9/10
Paint: 7/10
Articulation: 7/10

Nice packaging w/ Ed McGuinness art | Smaller sculpt adds variety to line | Adds an important Ultimate character to the line

Strange hands | Paint issues | Average articulation | Comes with a piece of cardboard and an accessory the character wouldn't use | Miles Morales doesn't shoot webs, why does this figure?

Spider-Man Variant

Manufacturer Hasbro

Line Marvel Universe

Assortment Basic

Year 2012

Series/Wave Series 4 Wave 18 #008

Retail $9.99

The Miles Morales variant for Spider-Man is part of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe 2012 Series 4 Wave 18. Wave 18 also includes Hulk, Spider-Man (non-Variant), Kraven the Hunter, Beta-Ray Bill & Beast.


Packaging features artwork from Marvel artist Ed McGuinness. Figure is displayed nicely in the plastic shell. Card back features Rocket Raccoon as this Wave’s mascot and shows off some of the other figures. The back also has a small bio on Spider-Man. The Marvel Universe line continues to have nice packaging so you MOC collectors should be pleased. If you’re wondering why the figure doesn’t look like the artwork it’s because this is the variant, it’ll be regular red & blue in future releases.




Spider-Man’s body uses pieces from Wave 7 Bucky combined with a brand new head sculpt and hands. The smaller sculpt works well for smaller or younger characters like the Ultimate Spider-Man this is supposed to be. The sculpt itself is doesn’t have that many details but it’s toned and efficient. The molded eyes on the headsculpt look good. The hands are a bit off, for whatever reason I just don’t like the web-shoot pose. It’s nice that the line has a smaller body they can use to add variety to the line, i’d really like to see an Invaders Toro on this sculpt.




Spider-Man’s body is cast completely in black and the details are painted in red. The red used for the webbing and is a bit dull and doesn’t really make the figure standout that much. The webbing on the fingertips is a nice touch. The eyes are a slightly shiny silver. It appears that they forgot to paint the webbing on his back. Overall, the paint is just kind of average.






Spider-Man has 23+ POA. Ball-jointed neck, hips and ball-hinged torso, shoulders & ankles. Double-hinged knees & hinged elbows. Swivel forearms, biceps & waist. I’m not a fan of forearm articulation if it means losing the wrist movement. A character like Spider-Man should be able to have all sorts of dynamic poses, this figure does not. Could really use rocker ankles and thigh-cuts. While the articulation is pretty average, it could be worse. This could be one of those horrible movie-line figures with the t-crotches.




Spider-Man comes with his piece of cardboard “collectible comic shot” and a web backpack. The cardboard is useless and as far as I know Miles Morales doesn’t shoot or use webs. Maybe I should just skip accessories in future Marvel Universe reviews.





Comic Book Accuracy

With the smaller size sculpt and new costume this is near perfect accuracy for Spider-Man. No not 616 Spider-Man, the Ultimate one. No not the Ultimate Peter Parker, the new Spider-Man Miles Morales. With Miles being in his early teens, it made sense to use a smaller sculpt but I wonder if it’s still too big? Another accuracy issue is the fact that he’s got the web shooting pose but Morales doesn’t shoot webs. Those two issues aside, it’s an accurate Ultimate Marvel Universe Spider-Man.



I usually prefer the mainstream 616 Marvel Universe but it’s really nice to see an important character like Miles Morales get a figure so quickly. If you find the non-variant version it’s pretty much the same exact figure with a classic paint job. If you’re a fan of Spider-Man, Ultimate Comics or cool looking costumes, i’d recommend picking this up.





After the long drought since Wave 17 was last released, I really didn’t feel like waiting for retail. I pre-ordered all of Wave 18 from ToyWiz and it arrived days after it was released, excellent service. Wave 18 is just starting to hit retail so you can start checking all the usual stores.

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6 Comments on "Marvel Universe Wave 18 Spider-Man Variant"

  1. Frankie Deen August 28, 2012 at 12:40 am - Reply

    I just got mine and I’m soooo pissed off that they couldn’t even finish painting the back details. I mean for real? They go up on prices and either the articulation is crap, or the paint job is. Such BS.

    • Mike Favata August 29, 2012 at 6:50 pm - Reply

      I feel your pain. I just got my set of Wave 19 and there’s all sorts of issues.

  2. Bryan Ho August 30, 2012 at 12:17 am - Reply

    Has anyone found it in store yet?? Florida doesnt show any sign of having the wave 18….or just orlando area.

    • Mike Favata August 30, 2012 at 2:34 pm - Reply

      Try Target. As far as I know they were the first to get Wave 18 cases. I know Wave 18 was spotted at a Target in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Walmart (if you can find one that carries stil MU) is putting out Wave 19.

  3. FigureItOut305 August 30, 2012 at 2:41 pm - Reply

    I case sit at numerous stores around town, and from what I notice Spiderman is one to a case. I picked up 3 sealed cases from Target before they put them on the shelf a few days ago.

    • Mike Favata August 30, 2012 at 2:52 pm - Reply

      Weird, he is supposed to be 2 to a case. Most of the cases will be switching to the non-variant soon (if not already).

      How do you get Target to sell you a case?

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