Marvel Universe Wave 19 Kang

9 Overall Score
Sculpt: 9/10
Paint: 10/10
Articulation: 10/10

Mike Deodato Jr. packaging artwork | Excellent re-use of Doctor Strange body | Brand new head sculpt | Metallic purple paint | 30 POA w/ swivel/hinge wrists | Highly comic accurate | Essential Avengers villain

Marvel’s Kang

Manufacturer Hasbro

Line Marvel Universe

Year 2012

Series/Wave Series 4 Wave 19 #015

Retail $9.99

Kang is part of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe 2012 Series 4 Wave 19. Wave 19 also includes She-Hulk, Punisher, Spider-Man (w/ Bag Man Variant) & Scarlet Witch.


Marvel artist Mike Deodato Jr. returns to Wave 19 for more awesome packaging artwork. Figure is displayed nicely in the plastic shell. The back of the card has MODOK as Wave 19’s mascot and shows more of the available figures. Back of the card also has a small Kang bio. It’s weird seeing the package labeled as “Marvel’s Kang” but it’s a copyright issue and not a big deal. Solid packaging as usual for you MOC collectors.





Looks Baron Zemo isn’t the only figure to re-use the body of Wave 14 Doctor Strange. Strange’s body is pretty much is the same as Wave 13 Cyclops but the chest and arms look more like a fabric uniform instead of simply being muscular. You can see the detailed folds on the arms. Kang also re-uses Baron Zemo’s hands, which were needed so he could hold a pistol. Kang’s fantastic head sculpt is brand new with a great looking helmet and displeased scowl. Kang also features new thighs which extend his boots to the hips. The chest piece and belt/tunic were added to the sculpt. The only complaint is that the chest piece moves around easily, though it’s fixable with a piece of tape if it bothers you.



The majority of Kang is cast in a dull green with a light wash painted over. It gives his uniform a well-worn fabric-like appearance.The belt, boots, chest piece, gloves & helmet are all painted with the same metallic purple that She-Hulk used. It really stands out against the flat green. Kang’s face is painted well with a glossy blue for his skin and white for the eyes. It’s a probably the best paint job in Wave 19, surprisingly there’s no quality control issues either.





Kang features a conquering 30 POA. Ball-jointed head, hips & torso. Swivel biceps, calves, thighs & waist. Swivel/hinge shoulders & wrists. Hinged elbows & neck. Hinge/ball ankles. Double-hinged knees. With the swivel/hinge wrists from Baron Zemo, Kang has perfect articulation.






In addition to the “collectible comic shot”, Kang comes with the pistol from Wave 13’s Cable. The pistol is painted with a dirty metallic look and fits in Kang’s hands without being too loose (a problem Baron Zemo had). It would have been nice to have a removable cape included or at least another pistol so Kang could dual-wield.


Comic Book Accuracy

Kang the Conqueror, the time-traveling villain with a story almost as confusing as Scott Summers family. This figure is highly accurate for Kang’s modern appearances and is close enough for his classic look. In Kang’s classic appearances he had a much baggier tunic and a larger head. My only complaint is that he’s missing the trademark lines on his face, a feature that he’s always had.



It’s about time the Marvel Universe line added a villain as essential as Kang. The fact that’s he’s ridiculously articulated along with a nice sculpt and paint job makes this one of the best figures in Wave 19. If you’re an Avengers fan or just want an awesome villain to your collection, go buy Kang now. It won’t be easy though, Kang is packed 1 to a case.


When I opened my Kang he had a large cut in his right wrist, i’m not sure if it was from the packaging or some sort of quality control issue. I decided not to let it change any of my ratings for the figure because it was such a strange fluke. I haven’t seen or heard of any other Kang figures with this problem.

I hate waiting for things to hit retail in South Florida so I pre-ordered Wave 19 from ToyWiz. Their service is fantastic, everything arrived within a few days after it was released. If you feel like hunting, Wave 19 has been found in Walmart (if yours still carries MU).

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