Marvel Universe Wave 19 Scarlet Witch

9 Overall Score
Sculpt: 10/10
Paint: 10/10
Articulation: 8/10

Excellent packaging w/ Mike Deodato Jr. art | Nice re-use of X-23 body | Brand new head sculpt | Perfect paint job w/ no QC issues | 27 POA | New accessory | Near-perfect comic accuracy

Awkward swivel/hinge elbows | No bicep swivel

Scarlet Witch

Manufacturer Hasbro

Line Marvel Universe

Year 2012

Series/Wave Series 4 Wave 19 #016

Retail $9.99

Scarlet Witch is part of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe 2012 Series 4 Wave 19. Wave 19 also includes She-Hulk, Punisher, Spider-Man (w/ Bag Man Variant) & Kang.


Marvel artist Mike Deodato Jr. returns to Wave 19 for more awesome packaging artwork. Figure is displayed nicely in the plastic shell. The back of the card has MODOK as Wave 19’s mascot and shows more of the available figures. Back of the card also has a small Scarlet Witch bio. Solid packaging as usual for you MOC collectors.






Scarlet Witch is the first figure to re-use the body of Wave 15 X-23. X-23’s body is pretty much the female equivalent of the Wave 13 Cyclops body and should become the new standard. Scarlet Witch has a brand new head sculpt with her trademark headpiece molded on. The facial expression is decent and her hair looks great, unlike a lot of the re-used female heads with the same exact hair. Scarlet Witch also features new thighs which extend the boots, feet & hands. Scarlet Witch’s nice looking cape (removable if you take her head off) is also new but it’s slightly too long. Overall this is a great sculpt, works perfectly for a female character that isn’t supposed to be a powerhouse like She-Hulk for example.



Scarlet Witch’s forearms, legs & torso are cast in a glossy red with the other pieces in a light pink. The painted pieces of the costume match the reds and pinks nearly perfectly. The glossy red is bright and makes the figure stand out. Scarlet’s face is surprisingly painted perfectly, no eye or lip problems. I’m glad the figure I wanted the most in Wave 19 didn’t have any QC issues.





Scarlet Witch has a hexing 27 POA. Ball-jointed head, hips & torso. Swivel calves, thighs & wrists. Swivel/hinge elbows & shoulders. Hinged neck. Hinge/ball ankles. Double-hinged knees. The X-23 body has decent articulation but i’m not a fan of the swivel/hinge elbows and the lack of a bicep swivel.






In addition to the “collectible comic shot”, Scarlet Witch comes with a translucent energy/flame effect. This brand new accessory is cast in a clear plastic and fits her hand nicely. It’s not a great accessory but it works for her chaos magic.






Comic Book Accuracy

Wanda Maximoff, the mutant better known as the Scarlet Witch is the daughter of Magneto, a long-time Avenger and on occasion completely insane. Her figure is very accurate for her modern appearances and would also work for her classic costume. Pretty much the only time she’s had a major costume change was when she looked like a gypsy. The colors, headpiece and majority of the costume is perfect. The only accuracy issue I have is her boots being too tall and her gloves being too long. Scarlet Witch’s costume will be changing for the upcoming Marvel NOW! reboot/relaunch.



It’s surprising that it’s taken this long for a Marvel Universe Scarlet Witch. I’m glad Hasbro waited though because she’s fantastic on the new sculpt. Great paint, highly accurate and adds to plenty of rosters. If you’re a fan of the Avengers, the Maximoff family or just want an essential Marvel character, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get Scarlet Witch. Unfortunately like Kang, she is packed 1 to a case so it won’t be easy or cheap. Scarlet Witch joins Black Panther, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Quicksilver, Thor & Vision to complete my classic Avengers team (from Vol. 1 #110).



I hate waiting for things to hit retail in South Florida so I pre-ordered Wave 19 from ToyWiz. Their service is fantastic, everything arrived within a few days after it was released. If you feel like hunting, Wave 19 has been found in Walmart (if yours still carries MU).

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