Marvel Universe Wave 21 Blastaar

8 Overall Score
Sculpt: 10/10
Paint: 10/10
Articulation: 9/10

Nice packaging w/ excellent Mike Deodato Jr. art | Nice re-use of Juggernaut body | Great brand new headsculpt | Good looking paint | Large amount of POA for size | Nearly comic accurate

Head articulation is reduced | No accessories | Lack of torso detail reduces accuracy


Marvel’s Blastaar

Manufacturer Hasbro

Line Marvel Universe

Assortment Basic

Year 2012

Series/Wave Series 4 Wave 21 #024

Retail $9.99

Blastaar is part of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe 2012 Series 4 Wave 21. Wave 21 also includes Blastaar (Variant), Jubilee & Professor X.


Packaging features excellent artwork from Marvel artist Mike Deodato Jr. Figure is displayed well in the plastic shell. Card back has Dazzler as this wave’s mascot. Small bio on Blastaar. Overall it’s nice packaging for the MOC collectors.







Blastaar re-uses the tank-like body of Wave 8’s Juggernaut. It’s not all re-used parts though, he’s got a brand new highly detailed headsculpt along with new forearms/hands. Blastaar also has a sculpted chest piece for added detaill. No complaints with the sculpt, I mean come on. Look at that headsculpt! The variant version of this figure has forearms that are cast in a translucent orange.






Blastaar’s arms and legs are cast in a dull grey. The boots and chest are a slightly glossy blue that nicely contrasts the grey. Excellent quality control on this one, the headsculpt is painted perfectly.








Blastaar has a blasting 22+ POA.  Ball-jointed head, hips & torso. Hinged ankles, elbows & neck. Double-hinged knees. Swivel biceps, calves, forearms & thighs. Swivel/hinge shoulders. It’s not a huge deal but Blastaar’s chest piece and headsculpt reduce the head movement to swivel only.







No accessories for Blastaar except for the cardboard “collectible comic shot”.







Comic Book Accuracy

Blastaar is a cosmic Fantastic Four villain hailing from the Negative Zone. His figure goes for the look of his classic appearances but there’s a couple issues.  While the headsculpt, body & paint looks good, he’s missing a lot of detail on his chest armor. Not a huge deal though, it’s still a great figure and very close to accurate.




Other than the small issues with comic accuracy and the lack of accessories, this is a really nice unexpected figure. I’m not sure if Blastaar was on many most wanted lists but it’s really nice to get more Fantastic Four villains for the line. If you’re a fan of FF or Marvel Cosmic, i’d recommend picking this brute of a villain up.






With Wave 21 being released sporadically and in very small amounts, I was forced to pick this one up off eBay. This strange wave actually managed to come out before Wave 20.


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