Marvel Universe Wolverine vs. Hulk

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Sculpt: 8/10
Paint: 10/10
Articulation: 5/10

Excellent packaging with Mike Deodato Jr. art | Small sculpt works well for Wolverine | New-ish Hulk sculpt | Fantastic head sculpt for Wolverine | Lighter colors & eyebrows make Hulk standout | Excellent articulation for Hulk | Great choice of comic | Near perfect comic accuracy | Best Hulk released yet

Wolverine's strange elbows | Third release of the new Hulk sculpt | Poor articulation for Wolverine | No accessories

Wolverine vs. Hulk

Manufacturer Hasbro

Line Marvel Universe

Assortment Greatest Battles Comic Packs

Year 2012

Series/Wave Wave 7

Retail $17.99

Hulk vs. Wolverine was recently released in Wave 8 of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Packs. Wave 8 also includes Colossus & Juggernaut and Silver Centurion vs. Mandarin.


More awesome artwork Marvel artist Mike Deodato Jr. Back of the pack has a small bio and shows the Iron Man vs. Mandarin pack that’s also available. No complaints here, the figures and comic are displayed nicely for you MOC types.







Wolverine’s body sculpt is re-used from the X-Men: Origins Wolverine line. It was combined with a new head sculpt to create the first appearance Wolverine for Wave 13. It’s a smaller body that reflects Wolverine’s small stature well. The head sculpt is simple but effective and give’s Wolverine a serious look. Detailing on the costume includes a raised belt and stripes, the boots also look good. The smaller shoulder pads are also a nice touch. I prefer the joined claws to separate as they don’t bend easily. A downside is his elbows look like they have extra flaps when you move them and it looks really off. It’s an older sculpt but for the most part it works.

Hulk has the same new sculpt that was used for his Walmart Avengers Collection & Wave 18 releases. I’m all Hulked out (pun semi-intended) so hopefully this will be the last time I review it. One of my favorite sculpts ever released for the Marvel Universe line. This large bodied tank features rough animal hide looking skin. Detailed ripped pants and a mean looking head sculpt with a ferocious growl.



Wolverine’s body is cast primarily in a flat yellow with the blue and black details painted on. There’s a slight metallic shine to the claws. The major differences between this and the Wave 13 release is the painted on arm hair and the eyes are whited out with more black around them. Definitely an improvement on the paint of Wave 13’s head sculpt. No complaints here, this is a simple but nice looking paint job.

Unlike the Avengers Collection and Wave 18 releases, this Hulk has a drastically different paint job. The skin is much lighter, almost a neonish green. The skin looks even brighter because there’s way less of a wash. Besides the lighter color there’s an even bigger difference… eyebrows. The eyebrows give him more of a classic look. This is by far the best paint job of the three releases.



The X-Men: Origins Wolverine body has an adequate 18+ POA. Ball-jointed neck & double-hinged knees. Ball-hinged shoulders, torso, ankles, hips & elbows. Swivel wrists & thighs. The elbows look weird with the skin flap and the hips are ridiculously hard to pose. As far as articulation goes, he’s pretty average.

An incredible 24+ POA on the new Hulk body. Ball-hinged ankles & shoulders. Swivel neck, wrists, waist, biceps & thighs. Ball-jointed head & torso. Hinged elbows & double-hinged knees. Like i’ve stated in previous reviews, he’s only lacking rocker ankles and some sort of improvement on the elbows. Near-perfect articulation for such a large sculpt.



Zero accessories. This is a comic pack though so obviously you get a comic book included. This issue is a reprint of The Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #181, an important issue considering it’s the first full appearance of Wolverine. Extra points for Hasbro putting together the perfect combination of comic & figures. Hulk vs. Wendigo comic pack would’ve been a nice choice for this issue.




Comic Book Accuracy

A pretty accurate first appearance Wolverine. The only issues are the belt is too small and the buckle is the wrong color and his shoulder pads are still too big. Wolverine’s boots, costume color and the mask are perfect. The first appearance head sculpt is very comic accurate and the improved paint seals the deal. Issues aside, this is an accurate first appearance Wolverine.

Another accurate Hulk with giant body, green skin, menacing scowl and ripped purple pants. The previous releases were near-perfect modern Hulk accuracy, but with the lighter colors and added eyebrows I believe this is the perfect classic Hulk.



A comic pack with two repainted figures, one of which (Hulk) has been released twice recently. Why is this worth picking up then, especially given the fact it includes substandard Wolverine figure? Because the Hulk’s paint job is THAT good. I’ve got no interest in the Wolverine but I knew I had to have that Hulk once I saw him. The lighter colors and the painted on eyebrows really do make a difference. After I received this one, I quickly got rid of the Avengers Collection and Wave 18 versions. If you’re a fan of Wolverine or want a comic accurate classic Hulk, i’d recommend picking this pack up. This Hulk will be quickly joining my Defenders team. Speaking of which, there’s a Nighthawk coming up in Wave 20 so Hasbro really needs to release Valkyrie & Hellcat.


A huge thanks to Nelson AKA dragonkings from the Marvelous News forums for sending me this. Greatest Battles Comic Packs Wave 7 is currently hitting retail and from what I understand, there’s been a lot of sightings at Targets.

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