MegaMan #37: Dawn of X Part 1

9.5 Overall Score
Art: 10/10
Dialogue: 9/10
Story: 9/10

The attention to detail/ The beginning of the X story line done right.

The timeline jumping can get kind of confusing.

Megaman #37: Dawn of X Part 1
(W)Ian Flynn, (A)Jamal Peppers
Archie Comics

What the MegaMan comics have done so well is keep each story arc self contained while still giving nods to the fans whom have been reading the entire time. Here in Dawn of X it is no different and in fact acts a perfect jumping point for new readers.

The opening pages introduce us to X. The MegaMan of 21XX defending his city known as Arcadia. Here is were you see the continued care that goes into series showing that when they introduce beloved character, they do it right. From X’s slightly purple side plates, the height difference between him and Zero, and even how accurate to Zero’s design is to the original Zero design from the first MegaMan X game.

As the book continues on it jumps from the original MegaMan timeline set in 20XX where we find Rock infiltrating and old Wily Lab with Pharaoh man and Bright man by his side under the order of the three man doctor team currently made up of Dr. Thomas Light, Dr. Mikhail Cossack (creator of Pharaoh man and Bright Man), and a “reformed” Dr. Albert Wily.

While still in 20XX: the plot device that most likely be used to set up the meeting of X and Megaman. I don’t want give to much away, but there is an altercation that sets up this as a plot device and it takes place at the Chronos Labs. Make of that what you will.

Ultimately I was very happy with this first issue in the current story arc. There were points of real tension met with some heart felt moments and that help keep a great emotional balance through out this first issue. I hope this series does well because I would love to see and continuation of X of after this!



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